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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has happened to one Soviet agent as a result of his background investigation of Mr. Gardiner?
(a) He returned to the Soviet Union in disgrace.
(b) He was murdered by his own countrymen.
(c) He was discovered to be a spy.
(d) He was promoted after finding more information about Gardiner.

2. When Tom Courtney of the New York Times telephones Chance to interview him, what does Chance say?
(a) He tells Mr. Courtney that he prefers to speak about gardening and how important it is.
(b) He tells Mr. Courtney about the Old Man's house and how he was asked to leave.
(c) He has no comment other than to say he enjoyed his meeting with the President.
(d) He answers all of Mr. Courtney's questions.

3. How does Chance feel about EE being in bed next to him once they get home?
(a) He wants to touch her one spot at a time.
(b) He is terrified to be alone with her.
(c) He is sexually excited by being with her.
(d) He prefers to just look at her and thereby memorize and possess her.

4. Where has Chance seen the President before?
(a) At news press conference.
(b) During a visit to the White House.
(c) On TV during a military parade.
(d) As he was walking down a street in New York.

5. What is the result of Sulkin's analysis of Gardiner?
(a) He is a very emotionally well-adjusted American political figure.
(b) He has no real politcal clout in America.
(c) He is merely a gardener having a joke on us all.
(d) He is a fraud impersonating an American political figure.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ambassador Skrapinov can get no information on Chance's background from the Special Section, what is his reaction?

2. What does Chance speak about when the President asks him a question about Wall Street?

3. Who is Mr. Rand expecting to come to the house to do a routine inspection?

4. What does the Russian Ambassador take a chance on doing during his speech to the International Congress of the Mercantile Association in Philadelphia?

5. What does EE tell the President's secretary about Mr. Gardiner's intentions?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was one of Grunmann's concerns about what Gardiner might be up to? Why is it discounted?

2. Why does EE try to protect Chauncey from the press?

3. What does Chance find so amazing as he awaits his turn to join the TV show?

4. Why is the President beginning to become suspicious of Chauncy Gardiner in Chapter 5?

5. Sulkin submits a tape of Gardiner's appearance on THIS EVENING for psychiatric, neurological and linguistic analysis. What is discovered?

6. How does Chance feel about an opportunity to appear on TV?

7. Mr. Rand tells Chance that he admires his peacefulness. What is it about Chance that makes him appear so at ease?

8. What does Chance say to both a man at the dinner party and to EE when they each make sexual advances towards him? Why?

9. EE expresses her love to Chance in Chapter 5. What are EE's reasons for being so attracted to Chance?

10. When the New York Times reporter, Tom Courtney, interviews Chance over the phone, what kind of answers does Chance give him?

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