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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of business do Ruby and Gian-Carlo run?
(a) An ice cream parlor.
(b) A fish and chip shop.
(c) A pub.
(d) A cafe.

2. Which color does Ruby say is "the color of memory"?
(a) Green.
(b) Yellow.
(c) Blue.
(d) Orange.

3. With whom do the Lennoxes stay right after the fire?
(a) Uncle Tom and Auntie Mabel.
(b) Uncle Clifford and Auntie Gladys.
(c) Uncle Sidney and Auntie Babs.
(d) Uncle Bill and Auntie Eliza.

4. What usually hangs from the Perspex canopy in D for Dog that is forgotten on the flight detailed in Footnote (xiv)?
(a) A St. Christopher medal.
(b) Their dogtags.
(c) A rosary.
(d) An American flag.

5. What do they have for lunch?
(a) Fish and chips.
(b) Tomato soup.
(c) Steak and kidney pie.
(d) Grilled chicken sandwiches.

6. What is Ruby's diagnosis?
(a) Housemaid's knee.
(b) Pulled muscles.
(c) Sprained knee.
(d) Tendinitis.

7. What starts the Shop fire?
(a) George's cigarette.
(b) The paraffin heaters.
(c) Ruby's Advent candles.
(d) Bunty's iron.

8. What kind of flowers do Patricia and Ruby leave for Pearl?
(a) Daffodils.
(b) Pink roses.
(c) Yellow tulips.
(d) White lilies.

9. Why do Ruby's knees begin to hurt?
(a) She fell off her bike.
(b) She has been playing too much jumprope.
(c) She has been praying so much.
(d) She has been forced to scrub the kitchen floor.

10. What business does George open when the Shop is remodeled?
(a) Books.
(b) Pets.
(c) Medical Supplies.
(d) Wine.

11. What have Kathleen and Ruby been in charge of at school?
(a) The attendance charts.
(b) The school store.
(c) The Athletics Supply Cupboard.
(d) The Lost Property Cupboard.

12. How does Pearl die?
(a) She is hit by a car.
(b) Suffocation.
(c) Drowning.
(d) She falls from a window.

13. What relative has died?
(a) Uncle Bill.
(b) Uncle Ted.
(c) Rose.
(d) Auntie Eliza.

14. Where has Patricia settled?
(a) New Zealand.
(b) Hong Kong.
(c) New York.
(d) Australia.

15. What was Jean-Paul Armand imprisoned for?
(a) Attempted murder.
(b) Bankruptcy.
(c) Theft.
(d) Driving without a license.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sandra's mother call Ted's family?

2. Which of these is not part of the picnic lunches packed for them at the farmhouse?

3. What is the name of the nursing home Bunty enters?

4. Who screams during the boat ride in Oban Bay?

5. What obstacle presents itself on the roads in Scotland?

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