Behind the Scenes at the Museum Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who was Bunty's first choice to be her husband?

During World War II, Bunty met an American soldier named Buck and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, he was injured by a land mine and sent home to Kansas and though she waited quite a while for him to send for her, she never heard from him again.

2. How does Bunty feel about working in the pet shop?

Bunty seriously dislikes having to work in the pet shop. She believes that as a wife and mother, she shouldn't have to work in the store at all. She feels it is abnormal to have to be polite to people all the time, and as if she is selling herself, not pet supplies, behind the counter. There is too much casual social interaction for her taste. She also thinks it ridiculous to sell such impractical things as pets and pet supplies.

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