Behind the Scenes at the Museum Character Descriptions

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Ruby Lennox

This character is the narrator of the novel.

Bunty Cook Lennox

This character loses two of her children, and later in the novel shows signs of dementia.

Patricia Lennox

This character becomes pregnant as a teenager, is sent away to have her baby, and a few years later runs away from home.

Gillian Lennox

This character is run over by a bus, and killed, at age eleven.

George Lennox

This character runs a pet store business, and dies of a heart attack at a family wedding.

Nell Barker Cook

This character has three fiances as a young woman during the first World War.

Alice Barker

This character runs away with a traveling photographer.

Lillian Barker Donner

This character moves to Canada and never returns to England again.

Edmund Donner

This character dies in an airplane crash during the second World War.

Doreen O'Doherty

This character gives...

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