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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Anita think Oscar may know she is there?
(a) He writes in the ground outside the bathroom window.
(b) He looks at the bathroom window.
(c) He waves when he is in the yard, and no one is around.
(d) He puts a note on the bathroom windowsill.

2. What does Anita's mother do after talking to Mr. Washburn?
(a) Writes to her parents.
(b) Welcomes Mr. Washburn's girls to stay when they want.
(c) Enrolls her children in Catholic school.
(d) Tries to decide about returning to her home.

3. What does Anita's brother offer to do in the afternoon?
(a) Help her with her science project.
(b) Take her for a drive.
(c) Help her with her math homework.
(d) Take her for ice cream.

4. Where are Mami and Anita living according to Anita's June 5, 1961entry?
(a) In the American embassy.
(b) In a closet in the Mancini home.
(c) In the British embassy.
(d) In the jungle with some other families.

5. Why does Anita's brother make this offer?
(a) Because his mother asked him to.
(b) Because he is lonely..
(c) To distract her from what is happening.
(d) To be kind to Anita.

6. What does Anita decide about men?
(a) That men do not understand why woman fear men sometimes.
(b) That men should not rule the country; women would do better.
(c) That men are bad.
(d) That she does not like men anymore.

7. What does Anita give Chucha?
(a) Her stained sheets.
(b) Some pictures of Anita and Lucinda to keep for her.
(c) Some coins.
(d) Flowers.

8. What do Lucinda's family members and Susie tell Lucinda?
(a) Thewill project Anita.
(b) El Jefe will forget her soon.
(c) They will send her to the States.
(d) They will protect her.

9. What happens the next morning after El Jefe is assassinated just as Chucha is waking Anita?
(a) Men come in her room and search it.
(b) They hear a huge explosion.
(c) There is an announcement on television.
(d) They hear several helicopters landing nearby.

10. Where is Anita a month and a half after the message from Chucha arrives?
(a) In New York City.
(b) In Santo Domingo.
(c) In London.
(d) In Miami.

11. What does Anita use to communicate with Oscar?
(a) Writing in the fog on the bathroom window.
(b) Slips of paper in the laundry.
(c) A book she is given.
(d) Morse code.

12. What does Lucinda allow Anita to do that night?
(a) Sleep in her room.
(b) Write a letter to Carla.
(c) Put on some of her jewelry.
(d) Stay up later than usual.

13. Where is Sam when Anita inquires?
(a) He is in bed with a hangover.
(b) He is with his father in the city.
(c) He is packing to go back to the States.
(d) He is in the fields supervising.

14. What does Anita realize the next morning?
(a) She is no longer enamored of Sam.
(b) She finds Oscar more interesting than Sam.
(c) She is going to be more on her own.
(d) She has had her first period.

15. How do Anita and her mother communicate with Mundo?
(a) Letters.
(b) Telephone.
(c) They see him face to face every few days.
(d) They are unable to communicate with him but very sporadically.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Mr. Washburn in New York City?

2. What does Anita know about a pill?

3. From whom does Anita want to hide the discovery that is discusses in question 113?

4. What does Anita find when she gets to Lucinda's room?

5. Where does Chucha get a job?

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