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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chucha do with what Anita gives her?
(a) Displays them.
(b) Hides them.
(c) Uses them to scare off the superstitious maid.
(d) Throws them away.

2. What are Oscar and Sam doing?
(a) Playing ball.
(b) Wrestling.
(c) Playing chess.
(d) Throwing up..

3. Where does Chucha get a job?
(a) With a family that was not involved in the assassination.
(b) Wimpy's.
(c) The American embassy.
(d) She has not found one yet.

4. What does Anita know about a pill?
(a) There is pill to prevent pregnancy.
(b) There is a pill that will make people talk even if they do not want to.
(c) There is a pill that will make people very sick and lose their motivation to rebel.
(d) There is a pill that can be taken to kill you instantly if the police catch you.

5. Why does Anita want to skip school the morning Lucinda is to leave?
(a) Oscar is not going to school that day and he's her protector.
(b) Sam is not going to school that day and he's her protector.
(c) Anita is afraid of El Jefe.
(d) Anita wants to be with Lucinda until she leaves.

6. What does Anita write in her June 3, 1961 diary entry?
(a) They were allowed to tell Papi goodbye.
(b) Tio Tony is dead.
(c) She can write as much as she wants now.
(d) Her Papi is back.

7. What does someone in a limousine bring?
(a) A gift-wrapped package.
(b) A summons.
(c) Flowers.
(d) An invitation.

8. What does Anita's mother suggest the men do?
(a) Not rush into things and be careful.
(b) See if they can get some backing from the British.
(c) Continue as if nothing is wrong.
(d) See if the rebels have any assassination plans.

9. How does Anita feel every time she starts to write Oscar?
(a) Uncertain.
(b) Shy.
(c) Chatty.
(d) Homesick.

10. What does Anita's mother do after talking to Mr. Washburn?
(a) Writes to her parents.
(b) Welcomes Mr. Washburn's girls to stay when they want.
(c) Tries to decide about returning to her home.
(d) Enrolls her children in Catholic school.

11. What happens when a car rams the Washburns car in traffic?
(a) Mrs. Washburn is injuried.
(b) The trunk pops open.
(c) Sam is injuried.
(d) Nothing other than a small dent in the bumber.

12. What does Anita do after the teacher makes her announcement?
(a) Puts her head on her desk.
(b) Cries.
(c) Screams.
(d) Protests.

13. How do Anita and her mother communicate with Mundo?
(a) Telephone.
(b) They are unable to communicate with him but very sporadically.
(c) They see him face to face every few days.
(d) Letters.

14. Who shoots the family dogs?
(a) The secret police.
(b) Some soldiers who are target practicing.
(c) A neighbor.
(d) Some men who are celebrating.

15. Where are Mami and Anita living according to Anita's June 5, 1961entry?
(a) In the British embassy.
(b) In the American embassy.
(c) In the jungle with some other families.
(d) In a closet in the Mancini home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucinda allow Anita to do that night?

2. Upon what does Anita's mother insist?

3. Who almost discovers Anita and her mama?

4. What does Anita's brother offer to do in the afternoon?

5. What do the Washburns decide to offer concerning Lucinda?

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