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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lucinda allow Anita to do that night?
(a) Stay up later than usual.
(b) Sleep in her room.
(c) Put on some of her jewelry.
(d) Write a letter to Carla.

2. What does Anita give Chucha?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Some pictures of Anita and Lucinda to keep for her.
(c) Her stained sheets.
(d) Some coins.

3. Who is Pupo?
(a) A news anchor in the city.
(b) The head of the Army.
(c) The old man who cares for the chickens and other animals at the compound.
(d) Papi's code name.

4. Who shoots the family dogs?
(a) Some men who are celebrating.
(b) The secret police.
(c) A neighbor.
(d) Some soldiers who are target practicing.

5. Why are the adults remonstrating themselves?
(a) Because had given in to the idea of a celebration.
(b) Because they had declined to go to the United States when it was possible.
(c) Because they had become so careless.
(d) BecauseTio Tony is not the only man wanted now.

6. What do the Washburns decide to offer concerning Lucinda?
(a) Advice.
(b) Protection in the American embassy.
(c) Protection in the British consulate.
(d) A way to get Lucinda out of the country.

7. Who does Anita see when she looks out the the bathroom window one day?
(a) Oscar.
(b) Mundo.
(c) Papi.
(d) Sam.

8. What has the government instituted to control people's movements?
(a) People have to file requests to go more than two kilometers from their homes
(b) Curfews.
(c) Video cameras on the street corners.
(d) Checkpoints every block.

9. What does Anita worry about concerning the problem in question 126?
(a) She is going to be so tired, she'll say the wrong thing.
(b) She will not be motivated to do anything.
(c) She didn't love Lucinda as much as she thought.
(d) She is going insane.

10. What do Lucinda and Anita do that night?
(a) Eat pastries and listen to music.
(b) Cry and share memories.
(c) Reassure each other.
(d) Talk about the future.

11. Why is Lucinda frightened?
(a) Anita has caught El Jefe's attention.
(b) She is ill.
(c) She has caught El Jefe's eye.
(d) She is about to become a legal adult.

12. What are Oscar and Sam doing?
(a) Playing chess.
(b) Throwing up..
(c) Wrestling.
(d) Playing ball.

13. What does Anita want in the event she is taken away?
(a) To be brave.
(b) A pill that instantly kills her.
(c) To be able to say goodbye.
(d) To go with Oscar.

14. What do Anita and Mami hear on the radio?
(a) Trujillo, Jr. has declared no elections this year.
(b) The prisoners are being tortured.
(c) There is all out civil war.
(d) Some of the prisoners have been released.

15. Under what guise will Lucinda travel?
(a) A college student.
(b) A scholar.
(c) A maid.
(d) An adopted daughter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Anita on Thanksgiving Day?

2. Why does Anita think Oscar may know she is there?

3. What does Anita realize the next morning?

4. What does Anita do after the teacher makes her announcement?

5. Who rescues Anita and her mami?

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