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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Summary and Analysis For Chapters 6-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Lucinda and Anita do that night?
(a) Cry and share memories.
(b) Talk about the future.
(c) Eat pastries and listen to music.
(d) Reassure each other.

2. When does Anita use a pencil?
(a) When she writes in her journal.
(b) To draw pictures of things in her life.
(c) To write down Carla's address.
(d) For her math homework.

3. What influence does Mr. Smith have on the behavior of some of the families?
(a) They avoid Mr. Smith.
(b) They help Mr. Smith cover up evidence.
(c) They help Mr. Smith smuggle rebels.
(d) They don't let their daughters out in public because of him.

4. Who comes into the classroom?
(a) Another teacher.
(b) The principal.
(c) A new student who happens to be a boy.
(d) The nurse.

5. Why does Anita write with a pencil at times?
(a) Some times it is the only writing instrument in the house.
(b) So she can quickly erase.
(c) She is not good at math and frequently has to erase her work.
(d) Carla's family moves constantly, so she writes their address in pencil.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Anita's grandparents?

2. What does Anita's papi explain to Anita?

3. What does Lucinda tell Susie about her upcoming birthday?

4. What is decided about Susie's birthday?

5. What does Anita ask Chucha about her cousins?

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