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Draw a map of The Dominican Republic with a diagram on it of what you think Anita's "compound" looks like.

Travel Agent

Be a "travel agent" and talk a family into taking a vacation in The Dominican Republic.

Hero/Heroine Song

Write a short song that honors the people who died bringing freedom to The Dominican Republic.

Journal Entry

Write five entries you think could be included in Anita's journal.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from Anita to Oscar telling him about her life in New York.

The Dominican Republic Food

For lunch, bring to school a dish that is eaten in The Dominican Republic .

Magazine reporter

Interview Anita for People Magazine.

Drawings of Characters

Draw caricatures of the main characters and then have students guess who the drawing represents. Some characters to include are Anita, Mundo, Carmen, Trujillo Junior, El Jefe, Lucinda, Carla, Tio Toni, Chucha...

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