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Chapters 1-3

• Anita, the main character in the book, lives in the Dominican Republic. in school, she sits with her cousin Carla .

• Carla's mother comes to the classroom; Carla is told to pack her belongings and she leaves with her mother.

• Carla's family has been given permission to leave the country. They will be moving to the United States.

• At home, Anita helps Carla chose the one item she can take with her. It is her jewelry box.

• Anita feels sad as her immediate family will be the last of her extended family remaining in the country.
• Anita helps Chucha move into the house. Chucha is an old woman who has cared for every baby in the family.

• Chucha wears purple, sleeps in her coffin, and she often has dreams in which she can see the future.

• Chucha tells Anita she will see her cousins again but only...

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