Before I Fall Short Essay - Answer Key

Lauren Oliver
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1. In the Prologue, what does Sam think she would like to remember right before she dies?

Sam thinks that if she is dying, she would like to remember her greatest hits. She would like to remember when she and Rob Cokran first hooked up; the time that she Lindsay, Elody, Ally, and she got drunk and tried to make snow angels in May; her sweet-16 party; and the time she and Lindsay pranked Clara Seuse on Halloween, got chased by the police, and laughed so hard they nearly threw up. Those are the things she wants to be remembered for.

2. How does Sam describe her sister Izzy on Day 1?

Sam describes her sister as a nuisance whenever she is busy, late, or on the phone with her boyfriend. Izzy is eight, and she has a lisp. Sam says that IIzzy refuses to go to speech therapy, because she says she likes the way she talks. Sam also says that Izzy always smells like peanut butter.

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