Objects & Places from Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver
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This is the upper-middle class town where Sam and her friends live.

The Tank

This is a nickname for the Range Rover that Lindsay drives.


This is the state where Sam and her friends are from.

Goose Point

This is a special place from Sam’s childhood and is a giant rock on top of a hill.

The Bird Necklace

This is something Sam always wears and that she was given by her grandmother. Sam gives this to Izzy on her last day.

Kent's House

This is where a big party is held on Cupid Day.

Cupid Day

This is the time when Sam’s school celebrates Valentine’s Day and is celebrated by sending roses to friends.


These are freshmen and sophomores who deliver roses when Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

Thomas Jefferson High

This is the school that Sam and her friends attend...

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