Daily Lessons for Teaching Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue to Day 1)


The objective of this lesson is to examine bullying and how Sam and her friends are bullies. Sam and her friends are popular at school. However, they bully other students who do not share their popularity.


Class Discussion: Who is Vicky Hallinan? How was Vicky bullied by Lindsay? How did other students join in and bully Vicky? When Lindsay takes a parking space and hits another car, is that a form of bullying? Why or why not? Who is Anna Cartullo? How does Lindsay put her down when she sees her and Alex Liment at a Chinese restaurant? Why does Lindsay dislike her? How has Lindsay bullied her? What is Juliet's opinion of Lindsay? Would that describe Sam, Elody, and Ally as well? Why does Sam ask if what she has done is so bad? Why could Lindsay, Sam, Elody, and Ally be described as...

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