Before I Fall Fun Activities

Lauren Oliver
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Relive a Day

Discuss with a group what day you would want to relive if you could.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.

Books Written By Lauren Oliver

Read another book that Oliver wrote.

Create a menu for a meal that Ally might have cooked.

Four Friends

Draw a portrait of Sam, Lindsay, Elody, and Ally.


Write an obituary for Sam.


Discuss with a group what each of the main people in Sam's life felt when she died. Consider what Lindsay, Elody, Ally, her parents, Kent, Rob, and Juliet felt.

Live from the Scene

Imagine that you are a television newscaster reporting life from the scene of the accident where Sam died.

Dear Diary

Write a diary entry that Lindsay, Elody, or Ally might have written during an event in the novel.

Before I Fall - The Movie

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