Before I Fall Character Descriptions

Lauren Oliver
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Samantha Kingston

This character is a popular girl in her senior year of high school that dies in a car crash after a party and has to relive that day seven times.

Lindsey Edgecomb

This character is a popular high school senior, the leader of her group of four good friends. When she was younger, this characer accused her friend of wetting her sleeping bag.


This character is a high school senior who loves to cook and struggles with an eating disorder.


This character has many boyfriends and sleeps around. She also has a beautiful singing voice, and her mother is an alcoholic.


This character is dating a senior girl that he snubbed in middle school and now he wants her to sleep with him.

Kent McFuller

This character is nerdy and unpopular, but becomes friends again with the protagonist, a popular senior girl.

Juliet Sykes

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