Before I Fall Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauren Oliver
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Prologue to Day 1

• In the Prologue, Sam talks about dying and how your life is supposed to flash before your eyes.

• She says that is not how it happened for her.

• Instead of reliving her happiest moments, Sam saw the face of Vicky Hallinan, a girl she and Lindsay used to tease in fourth grade.

• Sam remembers how she and her friends were in a car talking about dying.

• Suddenly, Lindsay sees something in front of the car and she swerves.

• The car goes off the road and into the woods.

• Then Sam remembers nothing.

• Sam’s last day begins like most days.

• Her friend Lindsay honks her horn as she waits to drive Sam to school.

• Izzy, Sam’s sister, hands Sam her gloves.

• It is cold outside, but it is a sunny day.

• Lindsay is smoking, and she hands Sam coffee and a sesame bagel from...

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