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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are the four slaves led?

2. When the master addresses the slaves, why are they shocked?

3. What is the name of Laurent's former mistress?

4. When Lexius guides Beauty to a small opening in a wall, which of the following things does Beauty see?

5. When Beauty is pushed forward into the group of woman, what does Lexius warn her of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What will Beauty's fate be when the ship hits shore?

2. After the sexual experience that Laurent and Lexius share, how do both men feel?

3. What emotions does Beauty face during the cleaning process?

4. Why is Tristan reluctant to be rescued?

5. What kind of life does Beauty want for herself?

6. How is irony present when the master addresses the slaves?

7. How does foreshadowing occur when the master addresses the slaves?

8. What elements of foreshadowing are present in "Through the City and Into the Palace"?

9. What does Laurent's insistence that Lexius be taken back to the queen tell the reader?

10. What is Laurent's response to Tristan being chosen by the sultan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe sexual suppression as it appears in the novel. Which characters are sexually suppressed and how? Why is this theme significant?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the diction that Rice uses in her work. How does diction create a unique representation of plot, character, and setting? Use at least three examples of diction to describe why it is so significant to the story.

Essay Topic 3

Choose a classic and traditional fairy tale that you know well. Compare Beauty's Release to this fairy tale. Find at least three comparisons and three juxtapositions. Point out parallels present in both tales and whether the moral message is the same.

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