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Short Answer Questions

1. When Beauty thinks she is about to collapse, who appears to hold her as she is dried?

2. According to Laurent's suggestion, who is a eunuch?

3. Where would Laurent chase women in the morning when he served his mistress?

4. What did Tristan become?

5. Who dares to look into the master's eyes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when the ship anchors?

2. Why does Tristan first feel that Laurent is disturbing the order of the sultanate?

3. How does the examination the slaves undergo show dehumanization and degradation?

4. What is the example of irony present in "The First Test of Obedience"?

5. Describe the types of love that Laurent considers.

6. How is the sexuality of the prisoners suppressed?

7. Describe Beauty's emotions when she sees the harem on the other side of the wall.

8. What type of life is Beauty used to?

9. How is Beauty's intellect shown for the first time?

10. Describe the way Laurent feels when he is bound to the cross during the banquet.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose one motif, reoccurring item, idea, character, or theme, that you think is significant to the plot or character development in the novel. Explain why this motif is significant and why you think it is important to point this motif out.

Essay Topic 2

Choose a classic and traditional fairy tale that you know well. Compare Beauty's Release to this fairy tale. Find at least three comparisons and three juxtapositions. Point out parallels present in both tales and whether the moral message is the same.

Essay Topic 3

By the end of the novel, is the reader supposed to be convinced that there is a happy ending for all the characters? Why or why not? Find at least two supporting arguments to back up your opinion.

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