Beauty's Release Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is Beauty?

Beauty is a royal sex slave who has been kidnapped. She was sent to the village by the prince for being disobedient, and from there she was kidnapped. She is now forced to serve the sultan in an entirely different kingdom.

2. What was the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty about?

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty was about Beauty awakened by a kiss to find herself naked and the prince raping her. After this happened, he took her to his kingdom where she was to serve as a sex slave. She was trained to be a naked princess. She won the favor of the prince.

3. What was Beauty's Punishment about?

Beauty's Punishment described Beauty being sold to an Inn. The Captain of the Guard takes notice of her. Tristan, another character who is a slave, becomes a horse serving a man named Nicolas, with whom he fell in love. Beauty and Tristan were both kidnapped and forced to serve the sultan.

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