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David Garrow
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What compromise in Selma was King criticized for?
(a) Stopping the march until a settlement could be reached.
(b) Going on to Edmund Pettus Bridge.
(c) Not attending the march to the bridge.
(d) Turning around and returning to Brown Chapel.

2. Demonstrations began in which state to test the compliance of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
(a) Illinois.
(b) California.
(c) Alabama.
(d) Michigan.

3. SCLC employees were unhappy about what?
(a) The violence leaders were advocating.
(b) Their pay.
(c) King's schedule.
(d) The death threats they received.

4. Where did King go to work on his book?
(a) Tanzania.
(b) Jamaica.
(c) Brazil.
(d) England.

5. What was the first march to the bridge nicknamed?
(a) Bloody Sunday.
(b) Path to Glory.
(c) March of Violence.
(d) March of Blood.

6. What was King's biggest concern about the murder?
(a) The escalating violence against Civil Rights advocates.
(b) The voter registration bill would not pass.
(c) SNCC would fall into a decline.
(d) That the culprit would not be caught.

7. The mayor of Chicago announced a plan to clean up what?
(a) The slums.
(b) The busing system.
(c) The downtown area.
(d) The schools.

8. What were the marchers attacked with in Canton?
(a) Police dogs.
(b) Swords.
(c) Tear gas.
(d) Machine guns.

9. At the SCLC convention, King suggested which city as the next one for protests?
(a) Danville.
(b) New Orleans.
(c) Biloxi.
(d) Savannah.

10. Where did the marchers attempt to camp, but were told to move on?
(a) A Baptist church.
(b) A black elementary school.
(c) A cemetery.
(d) The courthouse steps.

11. In Selma, King was suffering from what?
(a) Chicken pox.
(b) Measles.
(c) Exhaustion.
(d) Influenza.

12. King's advisers were concerned when King decided to do what?
(a) Stage a hunger strike in jail.
(b) Go public with his affairs.
(c) Move to Africa.
(d) Join an anti-war group's protest.

13. Where did the Meredith March end?
(a) Jackson.
(b) Selma.
(c) Canton.
(d) Atlanta.

14. In Chicago, the movement included nine points in their demand about what?
(a) Police employment.
(b) Bus schedules.
(c) Church equality.
(d) Fair housing.

15. What caused King to fall into a depression?
(a) Kennedy's assassination.
(b) The violence in Birmingham.
(c) The lack of progress in Albany.
(d) Evers' assassination.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1964, King learned that he had won what?

2. King learned of whose death as he left for a fundraising trip?

3. Who interrupted King's work on his book?

4. What did Meredith want to encourage with this walk?

5. Who released a statement supporting the SCLC's work in Selma?

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