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David Garrow
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In St. Augustine, rumors arose that the sheriff was a part of what group?
(a) The KKK.
(b) The Nazi Party.
(c) The Communist Party.
(d) The Masons.

2. One of SNCC's leaders was arrested in Atlanta on what charge?
(a) Killing a police officer.
(b) Breaking into police headquarters.
(c) Robbing a bank.
(d) Instigating a riot.

3. Why did the Chicago Freedom Movement begin to lose momentum?
(a) The lack of a leader.
(b) The lack of an attainable goal.
(c) The lack of funds.
(d) Demonstrator arrests.

4. What caused King to fall into a depression?
(a) The violence in Birmingham.
(b) Kennedy's assassination.
(c) Evers' assassination.
(d) The lack of progress in Albany.

5. What were the marchers attacked with in Canton?
(a) Machine guns.
(b) Swords.
(c) Police dogs.
(d) Tear gas.

6. What illnesses did King suffer from in the summer of 1965?
(a) Exhaustion and strep throat.
(b) Exhaustion and bronchitis.
(c) Exhaustion and influenza.
(d) Exhaustion and kidney stones.

7. Where did the Meredith March end?
(a) Atlanta.
(b) Jackson.
(c) Canton.
(d) Selma.

8. Who used the term "black power" for the first time in a public form?
(a) Stokley Carmichael.
(b) Ralph Abernathy.
(c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(d) Malcolm X.

9. King learned that the Johnson Administration was taking money from social programs for what?
(a) Adding more police officers.
(b) The war in Vietnam.
(c) Aid to Africa.
(d) Financing a bank bailout.

10. Riots broke out in which cities?
(a) Newark and Detroit.
(b) Dallas and San Diego.
(c) Seattle and Madison.
(d) Omaha and New Orleans.

11. What compromise in Selma was King criticized for?
(a) Turning around and returning to Brown Chapel.
(b) Not attending the march to the bridge.
(c) Stopping the march until a settlement could be reached.
(d) Going on to Edmund Pettus Bridge.

12. What did Meredith want to encourage with this walk?
(a) Black voter turnout.
(b) The war in Vietnam.
(c) Black poverty.
(d) Ending bus segregation.

13. The Democratic Convention took place in which city?
(a) Tampa.
(b) St. Louis.
(c) Chicago.
(d) Atlantic City.

14. The FBI observed meetings between King and whom?
(a) Wiesel.
(b) Monroe.
(c) Levison.
(d) Stalin.

15. King learned of whose death as he left for a fundraising trip?
(a) Ralph Abernathy.
(b) President Johnson.
(c) Malcolm X.
(d) Rosa Parks.

Short Answer Questions

1. King was approached by activists in which Florida city to help them garner support in the SCLC for demonstrations?

2. Where did the marchers attempt to camp, but were told to move on?

3. King blamed the riots on what cause?

4. King was warned of an attempt on his life during a visit to where?

5. A picture appeared in national newspapers showing what, which spread word of the violence in Selma?

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