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David Garrow
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was to lead the march in Selma?
(a) Wallace.
(b) King.
(c) Malcolm X.
(d) Rustin.

2. Which SNCC leader presented a Proposal for Action which would develop an army of sorts?
(a) Ella Baker.
(b) Diane Bevel.
(c) John Lewis.
(d) Bob Moses.

3. King was approached by activists in which Florida city to help them garner support in the SCLC for demonstrations?
(a) Orlando.
(b) St. Augustine.
(c) Miami.
(d) Panama City.

4. Who approved several wiretaps on King's personal phone lines?
(a) Robert Kennedy.
(b) Gerald Ford.
(c) Ralph Abernathy.
(d) J. Edgar Hoover.

5. What was the first march to the bridge nicknamed?
(a) March of Violence.
(b) Path to Glory.
(c) Bloody Sunday.
(d) March of Blood.

6. Tensions between the SCLC and which group grew during 1963 and 1964?
(a) NCAA.
(b) BBC.
(c) SNCC.
(d) ACLU.

7. What happened to Meredith along his walk?
(a) He was beaten up.
(b) He meet King.
(c) He was shot.
(d) He was made vice-president of the SCLC.

8. In St. Augustine, rumors arose that the sheriff was a part of what group?
(a) The Communist Party.
(b) The KKK.
(c) The Nazi Party.
(d) The Masons.

9. James Meredith announced his intention to walk from where to where?
(a) Biloxi to Washington DC.
(b) Memphis to Jackson.
(c) Chicago to Atlanta.
(d) New Orleans to Boston.

10. Who used the term "black power" for the first time in a public form?
(a) Ralph Abernathy.
(b) Stokley Carmichael.
(c) Malcolm X.
(d) Martin Luther King, Jr.

11. At the SCLC convention, King suggested which city as the next one for protests?
(a) Savannah.
(b) Danville.
(c) New Orleans.
(d) Biloxi.

12. In October, the federal Office of Education stopped funding to which city's schools because of segregation?
(a) Dallas.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Atlanta.
(d) Memphis.

13. What caused tension between the SCLC and SNCC?
(a) A letter by Abernathy.
(b) Sharing of finances.
(c) King's leadership.
(d) Credit for demonstrations.

14. Who released a statement supporting the SCLC's work in Selma?
(a) Nelson Mandela.
(b) President Johnson.
(c) John F. Kennedy.
(d) Richard Nixon.

15. Where did King go after the Meredith March?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Dallas.
(c) St. Augustine.
(d) Fairfax.

Short Answer Questions

1. King blamed the riots on what cause?

2. Why was there an uproar in the Chicago press about King?

3. What tragedy happened before the march to Montgomery?

4. CCCO staged a march that ended in how many arrests?

5. Riots broke out in which cities?

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