Bearing the Cross Short Essay - Answer Key

David Garrow
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1. Who was Rosa Parks? What was her connection to the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

Rosa Parks was a tailor's assistant at the Montgomery Fair department store in Montgomery. She was asked to give up her seat on a city bus for a white passenger. She refused and was arrested for violating the segregation laws. This event started the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

2. What was the first meeting like about the bus boycott? Why was it like this?

The first meeting was somewhat of a disaster. Some of the leaders had large egos and one preacher monopolized much of the meeting. The only decision that the meeting participants reached was to call a mass meeting for the Monday night following the trial.

3. What was the Montgomery Improvement Association? What were its aims?

The Montgomery Improvement Association was the organization formed by the black leadership in Montgomery to fight bus segregation. The group was to oversee the bus boycott and oversee the legal maneuverings and trials that would result from this. King was chosen and the president of the group.

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