Objects & Places from Bearing the Cross

David Garrow
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The Montgomery Bus Boycott

This happened after Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move from the grey area on board a public bus. It lasted just over a year and resulted in a Supreme Court verdict declaring segregation on Montgomery's public transportation unconstitutional.

Lunch Counter Sit-ins

This involved a small group of Greensboro, North Carolina, college students in 1960. These moved the Civil Rights Movement in a new direction, giving it momentum, and resulted in the creation of the SNCC.

Freedom Rides

These were an experiment by a group of interracial students who were testing a Supreme Court ruling in which it was declared that segregation in bus stations was unconstitutional. The bus stations in the North complied with the rulings. However, there were riots at bus stations in Alabama and Mississippi.

Chicago Open-Housing Protests

These were marches targeting real estate offices known to discriminate against blacks. The...

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