Bearing the Cross Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David Garrow
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Chapter 1, The Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956

• Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery Bus to a white passenger.

• A number of Civil Rights leaders meet and agree to fight Parks' case in the courts.

• The leaders propose a boycott of the buses and King is called to support the boycott. He agrees.
• A new organization, called the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) is formed to oversee the boycott and legal issues.

• King is chosen as the president for the MIA.

• The boycott begins and the MIA creates a carpool system for those who are boycotting.

• The MIA and city officials meet at several points to discuss the boycott and changes in the city.
• King is the son and grandson of two preachers.

• He attended an experimental school and graduated several years early from high school.

• King enrolled in Morehouse College and then...

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