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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Everyone who is expected eventually arrives for the funeral except for whom?
(a) Travis.
(b) Dwight.
(c) D.W.
(d) Tommy Lee.

2. What does Bone witness Glen doing as he talks to his father?
(a) Stutter.
(b) Shuffle his feet.
(c) Yell.
(d) Wring his hands.

3. What kinds of fish did the uncles catch at Aunt Raylene's place near the river?
(a) Trout and catfish.
(b) Bass and trout.
(c) Bass and carp.
(d) Carp and catfish.

4. What is Granny busy with when Mama was growing up?
(a) Having affairs.
(b) Chasing after the boys or Alma.
(c) Working at a farm.
(d) Cleaning house.

5. When Glen starts having trouble with his father and at work, where does Mama send the girls in the afternoons?
(a) Aunt Raylene's.
(b) Aunt Ruth's.
(c) Aunt Alma's.
(d) Granny's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who questions Bone about what she sees in Chapter 13?

2. What is Shannon Pearl wearing at the barbecue?

3. According to Aunt Raylene, who has a "spirit of meanness" at birth?

4. Who drives around at night, looking for Glen in order to kill him?

5. Bone thinks of the sheriff as what?

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