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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Parsons?
(a) The woman who runs the diner.
(b) Reese's grandmother.
(c) Glen's mother.
(d) Bone's grandmother.

2. Where is Mama working when she meets her second husband?
(a) Sears, Roebuck Auto Outlet.
(b) Gas station.
(c) Textile mill.
(d) White Horse Cafe.

3. After getting off work, what does Mama smell like in Chapter 3?
(a) Salt and fried food.
(b) Sugar and cream.
(c) Beer.
(d) Coffee and smoke.

4. In Chapter 3, when people talk about Glen, what two things do they mention most often?
(a) His family and his arms.
(b) His strength and how he loved Mama.
(c) His hands and temper.
(d) His height and his personality.

5. When and where does the first incident of Glen molesting Bone occur?
(a) In Bone's bedroom soon after the honeymoon.
(b) In the front seat of the car while Mama was in the hospital.
(c) In the bathroom when he was punishing Bone.
(d) In the back seat of the car after he lost his job.

Short Answer Questions

1. What role does Bone play in the wedding?

2. Bone wanted hands as strong as Glen's. How did she exercise them?

3. Who is referred to as "black-headed and strange" with a "man-type part"?

4. From whose point of view is "Bastard Out of Carolina" told?

5. Who is Reese's father?

Short Essay Questions

1. The beginning of Chapter 20 shows the healing of two people. Who are they?

2. What do you think of Glen's statement, "You're mine, all of you, mine" after Mama agrees to marry him?

3. Chapter 8 opens with the love knot disintegrating and being swept away. What does this foretell?

4. In Chapter 2, Mama tells Bone not to pay any attention to what Granny says because some women love their sons more than their daughters. What do you think the effect of this type of thinking is on female children?

5. After Glen beats Bone with a belt for the first time, Mama asks Bone what she did. Why doesn't Bone tell her?

6. Why does Bone try to scare Reese against hitchhiking while at the same time doing it herself?

7. Describe Aunt Alma's breakdown.

8. Describe Sheriff Cole. Does he really care what happens to Bone?

9. Aunt Ruth asks Bone if they can talk to each other, meaning she wonders if can they tell each other the truth. Do they?

10. How does Bone's relationship with Earle and Grey change after Alma's breakdown?

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