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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Bone and her sister get to Aunt Alma's in Chapter 6?
(a) Ride with Uncle Earle.
(b) Hitch-hike.
(c) Mama drops them off.
(d) Walk.

2. According to Aunt Madeline, kids are what?
(a) A nuisance.
(b) Billy goats.
(c) Monsters.
(d) A delight.

3. In Chapter 8, Mama expresses concern over Bone being accident prone. What causes Bone's injuries?
(a) Being clumsy.
(b) Playing rough with her cousins.
(c) Self abuse.
(d) Physical abuse from Glen.

4. Who is Reese's father?
(a) Lyle Parsons.
(b) Travis Smith.
(c) Glen Waddell.
(d) Earle Boatwright.

5. What is the setting in this book?
(a) Greenville, South Carolina.
(b) Charlotte, North Carolina.
(c) Beaufort, South Carolina.
(d) Greensboro, North Carolina.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color are Shannon Pearl's eyes?

2. Who throws Reese up in the air so high that it looks like she is going to fly?

3. Why does Mama go to the courthouse on Bone's birthday each year?

4. Who tells Bone that she isn't a racehorse?

5. How often do Bone's family visit Glen's family?

Short Essay Questions

1. Glen is very happy about Mama's pregnancy. What does it mean for him?

2. In Chapter 8, Bone begins suffering many injuries at Glen's hands. Does it seem realistic that her mother wouldn't realize what is going on?

3. How does Bone's relationship with Earle and Grey change after Alma's breakdown?

4. Aunt Ruth asks Bone if they can talk to each other, meaning she wonders if can they tell each other the truth. Do they?

5. Describe Shannon Pearl.

6. Bone finally sees a smile in Glen's eyes before he molests her, but it vanishes afterwards. Why?

7. As a young child, why does Bone idolize her uncles and want to be like them?

8. Glen chooses different types of houses than the Boatwright aunts. Which type of house does Bone seem to prefer and why?

9. What does the love knot that the great-aunts make for Mama and Glen symbolize?

10. Why does Bone begin looking at herself in mirrors?

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