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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gets caught stealing a quart of RC Cola from the grocery store?
(a) Bone.
(b) Reese.
(c) Garvey.
(d) Grey.

2. Where does the family move to after Bone turned ten years old?
(a) Out in the country.
(b) East Greenville.
(c) Beaufort.
(d) West Greenville.

3. Who tells Mama that Bone is being beaten?
(a) An intern at the hospital.
(b) A teacher from school.
(c) A nurse at the hospital.
(d) Reese.

4. The instructions for the love knot say that Mama should keep it where?
(a) In a flower pot.
(b) Under the mattress.
(c) Near the front door.
(d) Bury it in the garden.

5. Who is Matthew Parsons?
(a) Mrs. Parsons' brother.
(b) Mrs. Parsons' son.
(c) Mrs. Parsons' cousin.
(d) Mrs. Parsons' husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. Everyone knows that the Boatwright boys can be mean and have been to jail. How many Boatwright boys are there?

2. What is Bone doing before Glen takes her into the bathroom and whips her with a belt?

3. What does Mama pack for the picnic?

4. What role does Bone play in the wedding?

5. According to Granny, who is stuck up and full of themselves?

Short Essay Questions

1. Aunt Ruth asks Bone if they can talk to each other, meaning she wonders if can they tell each other the truth. Do they?

2. As a young child, why does Bone idolize her uncles and want to be like them?

3. Describe the changes in Reese in Chapter 12.

4. Mama's family doesn't like Glen and don't want him to marry Mama. What are their reasons, and do you agree?

5. Describe Sheriff Cole. Does he really care what happens to Bone?

6. The first time Mama leaves Glen is for two weeks. What makes her decide to return?

7. How does Bone's relationship with Earle and Grey change after Alma's breakdown?

8. In Chapter 8, Bone begins suffering many injuries at Glen's hands. Does it seem realistic that her mother wouldn't realize what is going on?

9. Why does Bone begin looking at herself in mirrors?

10. How does Aunt Raylene take care of Bone in the hospital?

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