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Objective: Chapter 1 In this chapter, Mama objects to her daughter's birth certificate being stamped "illegitimate" because she believes people will think she is no-good, shiftless, and lazy. She will do anything to have the stamp removed, even lying to the court clerk. However, Mama later tries to teach Bone about the importance of honesty. The objective of this lesson is to understand the things that the characters in the story value.

1) Small Group Activity: Values are standards or principles that people live their lives by. Mama values hard work, keeping her business private, and keeping her children fed. The uncles value the ability to hold your liquor and hold your own in a fight. Choose five characters from "Bastard Out of Carolina" and list three values that each hold. Be prepared to give examples from the text to support your findings.

2) Class Discussion: Come together as a...

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