Bastard Out of Carolina Character Descriptions

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Aunt Alma Boatwright - This character lives in an apartment briefly and enjoys the independence. After returning home, the youngest child of this character dies.

Anney Boatwright - This character is one of eight children and the parent to two more. At the end of the book, this character leaves the oldest child.

Uncle Beau Boatwright - This character is a drunk with a violent temper. After beating the person who abused a niece, this character buys a new shotgun.

Aunt Carr Boatwright - This character left South Carolina to move to Baltimore, but visits once a year.

Uncle Earle Boatwright - This character is devoted to family, but spends a great deal of time having affairs. This character has also spent a lot of time in jail.

Uncle Nevil Boatwright - This family member is known for being quiet. Toward the end of the book...

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