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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does a chorus of people laugh at Jim on a previous train ride?

2. Jim says, "I just want to be _____ and live in the _____."

3. What does Jim think a requirement seems to be for attending Communist Party meetings?

4. What does Jim say the "old cigar chomping Garden regulars" love to see?

5. What is Jim's motivation for getting along with his cousin's friends in Manhattan?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why isn't Jim going to tell anyone he was in a baby powder commercial?

2. What does Jim say is the worst part of his addiction?

3. Why do Jim and some of his teammates draw pills out of a hat before the game at Horace Mann?

4. How does Jim's dad respond when he tells him how the government suppresses the proletariat?

5. Describe Jim's experience in chapel service on his first day of school.

6. Why does Jim say the train toward 137th St. suddenly smells like a cattle car?

7. What theory about paying for food do Jim and his friends share while stoned?

8. Why does Jim say he and his friends are not really breaking into the park to steal basketballs?

9. Why is Chris's story about Willie's injury unlikely?

10. Why does Lefty leave his players in the Bronx?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Jim show his identity? How does his identity change over the course of his teen years?

Essay Topic 2

How do adults positively influence the "characters" in the book? How do they negatively affect them?

Essay Topic 3

Why does Jim want to return to public school? How is his Catholic school different than a public school? How is it similar?

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