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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jim and his friends have to buy at the all-night deli for their morning sandwiches?
(a) Baloney.
(b) Cheese.
(c) Bacon.
(d) Bread.

2. Who does Jim say was gunned down at a ballroom near 163rd?
(a) James Bond.
(b) Wilt Chamberlain.
(c) Malcolm X.
(d) Abe Lincoln.

3. Where does Jim go with his friends Kevin, Dolan, Yogi, Muffy, and Nardo Poo?
(a) Ice skating.
(b) A Knicks game.
(c) A movie.
(d) A party.

4. Who at school does Jim decide to steal from?
(a) The teachers.
(b) Mr. principal.
(c) Ravi.
(d) The wrestling team.

5. What animal does Jim say exemplifies presence?
(a) Crow.
(b) Cheetah.
(c) Chimp.
(d) Cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jim have a summer job?

2. Who confronts Brother G. about his punishment in class?

3. What does Jim think a requirement seems to be for attending Communist Party meetings?

4. Why does Jim punch Larry out in the school trophy room?

5. What does Jim ask his mom for that makes her angry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jim say the train toward 137th St. suddenly smells like a cattle car?

2. How do Jim and his friends end up with the keys to the American Legion?

3. Why do Jim and some of his teammates draw pills out of a hat before the game at Horace Mann?

4. Why does Jim get out of saying confession in the winter of 1964?

5. Why does Jim believe drug pushers always have a supply no matter how many busts are made?

6. What does Jim say is the worst part of his addiction?

7. How does Jim manage to hide his report card from his parents?

8. Why does Jim think the little girl he meets might drop out of her class?

9. What prank does Mancole play on a neighbor?

10. Why doesn't Ju-Ju think Jim can pass as his son?

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