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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jim describe the guys in his new neighborhood?
(a) Jocks.
(b) Hippies.
(c) Junkies.
(d) All-American.

2. What animal does Jim say exemplifies presence?
(a) Crow.
(b) Chimp.
(c) Cheetah.
(d) Cow.

3. How does Chris explain Willie's injury to the police officer who stops them?
(a) He says he fell down some stairs.
(b) He says he was attacked by a dog.
(c) He says they found him that way.
(d) He says it was a sledding accident.

4. Who finds Jim's nickel bag of marijuana?
(a) Jim's dad.
(b) Brother G.
(c) Jim's mom.
(d) Mikey.

5. What does Jim's mother say when he calls her from Tom Miggrello's party?
(a) "I'm glad you called."
(b) "Who won the game?"
(c) "You really did it this time."
(d) "You're drunk."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jim eventually give a joint to in the winter of 1964?

2. Where does Jim go after the game against Horace Mann?

3. What does Jim tell the cop is the reason he ran when they approached him in the park?

4. Where does Jim have a summer job?

5. Where does Jim take his blind date, Melody?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare Jim's basketball team to the team at Riverdale High.

2. Why does Jim think Melody, his blind date, is strange?

3. How does Jim feel at the end of the diary?

4. What theory about paying for food do Jim and his friends share while stoned?

5. Why does Jim call his abusive teacher "the fine Christian Brother"?

6. How do Jim and his friends end up with the keys to the American Legion?

7. In the winter of 1964, how does Jim try to prove he is not hooked onmarijuana?

8. What are does Jim say his dad does everyday when he comes home from work?

9. Why does Jim think the little girl he meets might drop out of her class?

10. Why doesn't Jim like walking to gym class in Central Park?

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