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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jim disguise himself while robbing a man in the park?
(a) He wears a bandana over his face.
(b) He puts his hair in a beret.
(c) He wears make-up.
(d) He wears a ski mask.

2. What color does Jim describe as alone?
(a) Blue.
(b) Yellow.
(c) Black.
(d) White.

3. What does Jim do on the train to Rye to calm his paranoia?
(a) Pretend to read.
(b) Eat a sandwich.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Write in his diary.

4. What does Bobby Blake decide to eat at Gussie's Soda Fountain?
(a) A pickle.
(b) Pizza slice.
(c) Hot dog.
(d) Grilled cheese sandwich.

5. Who does Jim attend a game at Yankee Stadium with?
(a) A waitress named Susan.
(b) His brother.
(c) His dad.
(d) An executive named Dave.

6. What does Jim say just delays the little voice controlling his drug use?
(a) Time.
(b) Basketball.
(c) Taking downers.
(d) Meditation.

7. Who beats Jim up at the Bucket of Blood?
(a) His old lady lover.
(b) A man he sold acid to.
(c) The bartender.
(d) Willie Appleears.

8. At what point on Jim's trip to Rye, NY does he observe business men with "not a bit of class"?
(a) On the train.
(b) At a Brooks Brthers store.
(c) At a Westchester book store.
(d) When he goes into the bathroom at Grand Central Terminal.

9. What does Jim threaten to do if the person he robs yells for the cops?
(a) Run.
(b) Shoot him.
(c) Slit his throat.
(d) Punch him in the gut.

10. As he nears his 15th birthday, why does Jim start feeling that he should quit drugs?
(a) He wants to please his parents.
(b) School is starting soon.
(c) He is hoping to get a basketball scholarship.
(d) He can no longer afford a habit.

11. Where does Frank Pinewater's mother take him in hopes of curing his drug habit?
(a) The emergency room.
(b) The Boys' Club.
(c) To the desert.
(d) High Mass.

12. What does Jim steal from the back of a truck in the summer of 1966?
(a) Wheaties.
(b) Pocket combs.
(c) Knives.
(d) Wallets.

13. What does Jim say has the same smell as dope cooking?
(a) Popcorn.
(b) Old newspapers.
(c) Church incense.
(d) Cigars.

14. Why does Jim walk up sixteen flights of stairs to Benny's apartment?
(a) The elevator is broken.
(b) He is afraid of elevators.
(c) Benny bet him he could not do it.
(d) He is trying to get in shape.

15. How does the daily drug use make Jim's eyes feel?
(a) Wide open.
(b) Like glue.
(c) Heavy and wet.
(d) Loose.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim tell the police officer he is doing, when he is spotted in his school blazer during the day?

2. How much does Jim's medical treatment cost?

3. Who accompanies Jim to 89th to find a dealer?

4. What does Willie do to Jim's soda that offends him?

5. What does Jim say will go up in smoke every time a page in his future book gets turned?

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