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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Brother G. punish the student in class for cheating?
(a) In front of the class.
(b) In the principal's office.
(c) In the coat closet.
(d) In the hall.

2. Who at school does Jim decide to steal from?
(a) The wrestling team.
(b) Mr. principal.
(c) Ravi.
(d) The teachers.

3. Who gets beat in the winter of 1964 for cheating on a religion quiz?
(a) Ronnie.
(b) Vinnie.
(c) Jim.
(d) Mikey Benavisti.

4. Which friend does not manage to get a seat on the train?
(a) Kevin.
(b) Poo.
(c) Yogi.
(d) Muffy.

5. Why do Jim and his friends laugh during the giant fire on Second Ave.?
(a) They are telling jokes about the basketball coach.
(b) The pizza man is on his knees begging the firefighters not to break his windows.
(c) There is a clown running down the street.
(d) Jim has just tripped.

6. How old does Jim say his dead friend looks?
(a) 35.
(b) 80.
(c) 16.
(d) 60.

7. How old is Jim, when the story begins?
(a) 14.
(b) 11.
(c) 12.
(d) 13.

8. Why does Jim punch Larry out in the school trophy room?
(a) Larry insists he was reading Time magazine first.
(b) Larry makes fun of his hair.
(c) Larry trips him.
(d) Larry dares him to do it.

9. Why does Jim call Chris the "spiller"?
(a) Chris pretends to be drunk but pours out most of the drinks.
(b) Chris's last name rhymes with "spiller."
(c) Chris knocks things over when he is drunk.
(d) Everyone else calls him that.

10. What does Jim say Melody looks like?
(a) A bad dream.
(b) A movie star.
(c) A model.
(d) An antique doll.

11. In the spring of 1964, who does Jim describe as a saint?
(a) An old man named Bill.
(b) Father Kenny.
(c) His mom.
(d) Himself.

12. How does Jim describe the guys in his new neighborhood?
(a) Junkies.
(b) Jocks.
(c) Hippies.
(d) All-American.

13. Who does Jim go to Staten Island with?
(a) Lefty.
(b) Chris and Willie.
(c) His parents.
(d) Tony and Yogi.

14. Where does Jim to to attend a Communist Party meeting with Bunty?
(a) The Boys' Club.
(b) Yankee Stadium.
(c) Webster Hall.
(d) Bunty's house.

15. When does Jim say his parents go to church?
(a) Easter.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Every Sunday.
(d) When they are invited to weddings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jim's motivation for getting along with his cousin's friends in Manhattan?

2. Who does Fat Eddie introduce Jim to when he arrives at his house?

3. Who helps Jim and Brian find codeine?

4. How does Jim know Steve Malone?

5. Who finds Jim's nickel bag of marijuana?

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