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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jim required to do at school once a month?
(a) Go to confession.
(b) Meet with the principal.
(c) Volunteer work.
(d) Give an oral report.

2. Why doesn't Mr. Doolittle give Jim any trouble for breaking rules in gym class?
(a) Mr. Doolittle is the basketball coach.
(b) Mr. Doolittle does not notice when students break rules.
(c) Mr. Doolittle has given up on Jim.
(d) Mr. Doolittle is afraid of him.

3. Why does Jim have trouble communicating to one of the police officers who stop him in the park?
(a) Jim is trying to talk to someone else at the same time.
(b) There is too much noise for them to hear each other.
(c) Steve doesn't speak English very well.
(d) Jim is stoned.

4. Why does Jim stay after school until 4:30 on the day of his friend's wake?
(a) There is a meeting for the basketball team.
(b) He joins the math club.
(c) He has to clean desks for cutting class.
(d) He is waiting for a ride home.

5. Who does Jim go to Staten Island with?
(a) His parents.
(b) Lefty.
(c) Tony and Yogi.
(d) Chris and Willie.

6. What does Jim call the apartment of Brian and John Browning?
(a) The Browning.
(b) The Place.
(c) BJB.
(d) Headquarters.

7. Why does someone run for Brother Kenneth during Billy's seizure?
(a) He is related to Billy.
(b) He will say a prayer for him.
(c) He is used to handling them.
(d) He is the school nurse.

8. What does Jim wear to gym class at the park to feel less self-conscious?
(a) Sunglasses.
(b) A baseball cap.
(c) Blue jeans.
(d) A sweat shirt.

9. What do Jim and Ronnie wear to Alexander's department store?
(a) Top hats.
(b) Baggy old coats.
(c) School uniforms.
(d) Baseball uniforms.

10. Where do Willie and Jim leave their pipe after their night of smoking and drinking?
(a) In Willie's attic.
(b) They bury it in a hole.
(c) Under some rocks and leaves.
(d) In an abandoned car.

11. Jim says, "I just want to be _____ and live in the _____."
(a) High/woods.
(b) Adored/now.
(c) Tough/streets.
(d) Rich/city.

12. How does Jim play on a league out of his age range?
(a) Jim's birthday is close enought to the cut-off date.
(b) The coach gives him a fake birth certificate.
(c) His position on the team is based on his skills.
(d) Jim does not know his real age.

13. What does Jim bring on the train uptown to break his boredom?
(a) A novel.
(b) A deck of cards.
(c) A sports magazine.
(d) A newspaper.

14. Why do Jim and his friends laugh during the giant fire on Second Ave.?
(a) Jim has just tripped.
(b) The pizza man is on his knees begging the firefighters not to break his windows.
(c) They are telling jokes about the basketball coach.
(d) There is a clown running down the street.

15. Who do Willie and Jim look for on the beach in Long Beach?
(a) The Celia sisters.
(b) Benny Greenbaum.
(c) Tom McNulty.
(d) Tom Miggrello.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the school nurse solve most ailments, according to Jim?

2. What does Jim tell the cop is the reason he ran when they approached him in the park?

3. What does Jim say his eyes feel like when sniffing cleaning fluid?

4. What does Jim do after History classes on his first day of school?

5. What does Jim say Melody looks like?

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