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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jim and his friends use to attack girls on the eve of Halloween?
(a) Tomatoes.
(b) Socks with flour.
(c) Baseball bats.
(d) Balloons.

2. What does Jim bring on the train uptown to break his boredom?
(a) A sports magazine.
(b) A novel.
(c) A newspaper.
(d) A deck of cards.

3. Who stops Jim in the bushes at Central Park?
(a) Mr. Doolittle.
(b) The school principal.
(c) Two horse-patrol cops.
(d) A tourist asking for directions.

4. What fake name does Brian give when he purchases codeine?
(a) Bill Russell.
(b) Jack Kerouac.
(c) Alexander Pope.
(d) James Bond.

5. When does Jim say his parents go to church?
(a) Every Sunday.
(b) Easter.
(c) When they are invited to weddings.
(d) Christmas.

6. What does Jim say the "old cigar chomping Garden regulars" love to see?
(a) Fights break out in the stands.
(b) Over time.
(c) Bill Russell have a bad game.
(d) Players foul out of the game.

7. Why does Jim get three raps across the hand at school?
(a) For talking back to a teacher.
(b) For getting a D for effort.
(c) For putting his elbows on the table at lunch.
(d) For throwing bricks.

8. Who do Willie and Jim look for on the beach in Long Beach?
(a) Benny Greenbaum.
(b) Tom Miggrello.
(c) The Celia sisters.
(d) Tom McNulty.

9. What is Jim required to do at school once a month?
(a) Give an oral report.
(b) Meet with the principal.
(c) Go to confession.
(d) Volunteer work.

10. Jim says, "I just want to be _____ and live in the _____."
(a) Adored/now.
(b) Rich/city.
(c) High/woods.
(d) Tough/streets.

11. Where do Willie and Jim leave their pipe after their night of smoking and drinking?
(a) Under some rocks and leaves.
(b) In an abandoned car.
(c) They bury it in a hole.
(d) In Willie's attic.

12. Who blows his cool in the locker room at half time in the game against Horace Mann?
(a) Coach Doolittle.
(b) Marc.
(c) Lang.
(d) Jim.

13. Willie goes to the beach to wash what out of his hair?
(a) Ketchup.
(b) Blood.
(c) Soda.
(d) Pizza.

14. Who stands up for Pedro about the teasing from Herbie about his parents?
(a) Jim.
(b) Tony.
(c) Pedro's big brother.
(d) Pedro's parents.

15. Who gets beat in the winter of 1964 for cheating on a religion quiz?
(a) Jim.
(b) Vinnie.
(c) Mikey Benavisti.
(d) Ronnie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What substance does Jim try that he thinks is non-addictive?

2. What TV show do Willie and Jim make fun of at their party in the woods?

3. How old does Jim say his dead friend looks?

4. Where does Jim go after the game against Horace Mann?

5. What does Rudy the foreman do after he chases Jim to the ramp at Yankee Stadium?

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