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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Chris explain Willie's injury to the police officer who stops them?
(a) He says it was a sledding accident.
(b) He says they found him that way.
(c) He says he was attacked by a dog.
(d) He says he fell down some stairs.

2. What does Bobby Blake decide to eat at Gussie's Soda Fountain?
(a) Grilled cheese sandwich.
(b) Pizza slice.
(c) A pickle.
(d) Hot dog.

3. What does Jim tell the cop is the reason he ran when they approached him in the park?
(a) He broke into the Park.
(b) He stole some basketballs.
(c) His friends ran.
(d) He was scared.

4. What does Jim's mother say when he calls her from Tom Miggrello's party?
(a) "You really did it this time."
(b) "You're drunk."
(c) "I'm glad you called."
(d) "Who won the game?"

5. What does Jim say the "old cigar chomping Garden regulars" love to see?
(a) Fights break out in the stands.
(b) Over time.
(c) Players foul out of the game.
(d) Bill Russell have a bad game.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the fall of 1964, what old friend of Jim's dies?

2. Why does someone run for Brother Kenneth during Billy's seizure?

3. What does Jim check the almanac for when he gets home from school?

4. Why does Jim stay after school until 4:30 on the day of his friend's wake?

5. What does Jim tell the police officer he is doing, when he is spotted in his school blazer during the day?

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