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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who finds Jim's nickel bag of marijuana?
(a) Mikey.
(b) Jim's dad.
(c) Brother G.
(d) Jim's mom.

2. What does Jim do on the eve of Halloween that leads to a beating?
(a) He breaks windows.
(b) He pukes on the new rug.
(c) He gets caught stealing.
(d) He breaks his curfew.

3. What does the old lady on the bus tell Jim will happen in a month?
(a) The war will end.
(b) He will fall in love.
(c) She will see her grandchildren.
(d) He will die.

4. Why does Jim get three raps across the hand at school?
(a) For throwing bricks.
(b) For talking back to a teacher.
(c) For getting a D for effort.
(d) For putting his elbows on the table at lunch.

5. What TV show do Willie and Jim make fun of at their party in the woods?
(a) Superman.
(b) The Galloping Gourmet.
(c) The Addams Family.
(d) The Lone Ranger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who confronts Brother G. about his punishment in class?

2. Where does Brother G. punish the student in class for cheating?

3. In the spring of 1964, where does Jim spend summer nights alone?

4. Who does Fat Eddie introduce Jim to when he arrives at his house?

5. Where does Jim's basketball team go for the play-off series?

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