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Objective: Jim introduces the reader to his life on the lower east side of New York, beginning in the fall of 1963. The objective of this lesson is to identify the characteristics that make up Jim's personality.

1) Fact or opinion. Brainstorm with students facts Jim reveals about his life. Include facts such as age, friends and hobbies. What do the facts suggest about the author and his friends? Now discuss the opinions of the author. Ask students to share specific lines from the text. What do the opinions suggest about the author and his friends?

2) For class discussion. Once Jim and his friends realize that Pedro's mom is "really over there hustling," they all, except Herbie, stop teasing him. How does the teasing impact Pedro? Why doesn't Jim stand up for him? What role might teasing play in their friendships?

3) Debate. Is Jim a leader or a follower...

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