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Part 1

• Jim is about to play in his first organized basketball league game.

• Jim and his friends often travel uptown, where they work in teams to snatch pocketbooks.

• After a game in the Bronx, the boys head back to their neighborhood, where they spend the rest of the evening getting drunk and high.

• Jim's family moves to the upper tip of Manhattan, and he finds himself back in Catholic school.

Part 2

• At school, Jim is forced to make confession, even though he does not know what to do.

• While his grades are not a problem, the teachers say that he does not make enough of an effort, and so he is punished.

• Jim describes his first experience with heroin.

• At school, Mike Benavisti, one of Jim's classmates is having trouble with Brother G., a teacher notorious for bringing boys into a closet for punishment.

Part 3

• Jim is able...

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