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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Eleanor feel about her father's offer of the deanery?

2. How long does Miss Thorne think it will take for Mr. Arabin to propose to Eleanor?

3. Who thinks Mr. Arabin is disgracing himself by visiting the signora?

4. Who does Mr. Slope discuss the position of Dean of Barchester Cathedral with in Chapter 32?

5. Who does Eleanor want to move in with her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Charlotte suggest Bertie as a good person to defend Eleanor's honor?

2. What does the Archdeacon convince Dr. Harding to do in Chapter 47?

3. What does Eleanor tell her father after the Thorne's party?

4. What does the game of quintain mean to the Thornes?

5. What happens in Chapter 39 when the Lookalofts join the upper class party?

6. What does Mr. Slope do in Chapter 32 to try to become Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

7. Why do the conservatives of Barchester fear that Mr. Slope will become the next Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

8. Why does the Archdeacon give everyone gifts on the day of Mr. Arabin and Eleanor's wedding?

9. What does Bertie do instead of proposing marriage to Eleanor?

10. How does Eleanor describe her love for Mr. Arabin in Chapter 49?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How could "Barchester Towers" be considered a romantic comedy? What characters are involved and what are their plot lines? How does this reflect the romantic comedies of our time? What is similar or dissimilar?

Essay Topic 2

The characters of "Barchester Towers" love to spread rumors. Discuss three rumors that were featured in this novel. Summarize the rumor and reflect on the affect the rumor had on the characters and plot development. What does the author seem to be saying about rumors?

Essay Topic 3

Follow the relationship between Mrs. Proudie and Mr. Slope from beginning to end. Why are they friends? What are they trying to accomplish? How do they work together and how do they work against each other? What symbols does Trollope use to describe their relationship?

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