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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is offered the position of Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

2. In Chapter 33, who is Eleanor anxious to forgive?

3. During the Thorne's party, what happens to the son of one of their tenants?

4. Who is invited to the Thorne's party in Chapter 35?

5. Why doesn't the Archdeacon believe that Eleanor will marry Mr. Arabin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens in Chapter 39 when the Lookalofts join the upper class party?

2. How does Eleanor describe her love for Mr. Arabin in Chapter 49?

3. What things does Mr. Arabin do when he goes to London in Chapter 34?

4. In Chapter 45, why do Bertie and his father argue and what is the result?

5. What makes the gathering at the Thorne estate in Chapter 33 complicated for Eleanor?

6. What does Eleanor tell her father after the Thorne's party?

7. What does the game of quintain mean to the Thornes?

8. How does Eleanor respond when Mr. Slope follows her at the Thorne's party?

9. Why does Miss Thorne feel Eleanor would be a good wife for Mr. Arabin?

10. Why does Dr. Harding visit Hiram's Hospital in Chapter 52?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At the end of "Barchester Towers" it appears that all the characters have happy endings. What is significant about the ending of this novel? How does this close the conflict between the conservative and liberal factions of the church? What has been resolved in regards to the church vs. the government? How is it possible for all the characters to have happy endings?

Essay Topic 2

The church has a great deal of power and a strict organization of that power. Describe the different levels of church officials and how they relate to each other. What characters try to gain power and how do they do this? Who is successful and why do you think they are? What is the author trying to say about power in the church?

Essay Topic 3

"Barchester Towers" makes reference to Greek and Roman mythology. Examine the use of this as a symbolic device. Why does the author select these myths? How are they used? What do they reflect? Please reference specific myths used in the novel.

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