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Short Answer Questions

1. Who fires Mr. Slope?

2. What surprises Mrs. Quiverful about the Archdeacon when they meet in Chapter 50?

3. At the Thorne's party,who does Mrs. Proudie suggest has a chance to become the new Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

4. How does the Archdeacon describe Eleanor and Mr. Arabin?

5. Who says: "I like everything old-fashioned"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mr. Arabin talk to the signora at the Thorne's party?

2. Why does Miss Thorne feel Eleanor would be a good wife for Mr. Arabin?

3. What does Bertie do instead of proposing marriage to Eleanor?

4. What makes the gathering at the Thorne estate in Chapter 33 complicated for Eleanor?

5. What happens in Chapter 39 when the Lookalofts join the upper class party?

6. How do the Lookalofts go against the wishes of the Thornes at their party?

7. What does Mr. Slope do in Chapter 32 to try to become Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

8. Why do the conservatives of Barchester fear that Mr. Slope will become the next Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

9. In Chapter 45, why do Bertie and his father argue and what is the result?

10. Why does Dr. Harding visit Hiram's Hospital in Chapter 52?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Barchester Towers" makes reference to Greek and Roman mythology. Examine the use of this as a symbolic device. Why does the author select these myths? How are they used? What do they reflect? Please reference specific myths used in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

How does Trollope use the Lookalofts to make a social commentary? What is he saying about the people of Barchester? How do other characters' interactions with the Lookalofts add to his commentary? What makes this a significant and useful device?

Essay Topic 3

"Barchester Towers" is considered to be written in the style of realism. Describe this movement of literature and what makes this novel a good example of realism. What makes the novel not fit into the description of realism?

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