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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bertie leave for?

2. Who is appointed warden of Hiram's Hospital?

3. What does Mr. Arabin tell the Archdeacon about Eleanor in Chapter 34?

4. Why does Mrs. Grantly have sympathy for her sister, Eleanor?

5. Who says: "I like everything old-fashioned"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mrs. Proudie try to humiliate Mr. Slope in Chapter 51?

2. How do the Lookalofts go against the wishes of the Thornes at their party?

3. What role does Dr. Harding play in helping Mr. Arabin become Dean?

4. How does the wardenship appointment affect Dr. Gwynne?

5. When the Archdeacon runs into Mrs. Quiverful in Chapter 50, what does he say to her?

6. What factors make Mr. Arabin an agreeable candidate for Eleanor according to Dr. Harding?

7. What character does the author side with in regards to religion, and why?

8. Why does the Archdeacon give everyone gifts on the day of Mr. Arabin and Eleanor's wedding?

9. What does Eleanor tell her father after the Thorne's party?

10. Why does Charlotte suggest Bertie as a good person to defend Eleanor's honor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The wardenship of Hiram's Hospital was a point of debate between the two factions of the church. What is the wardenship? Why is it so hotly debated? What is symbolic about this position and the hospital? Who would you say is a "casualty" of the wardenship debate, and why? Who wins the debate and what exactly do they win?

Essay Topic 2

The characters of "Barchester Towers" love to spread rumors. Discuss three rumors that were featured in this novel. Summarize the rumor and reflect on the affect the rumor had on the characters and plot development. What does the author seem to be saying about rumors?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the relationship between the Bishop and his wife. How is power reflected in the couple? How do they impact the other characters and the plot of "Barchester Towers"? What makes their relationship fit in with the themes of power struggle and conflict? Use specific examples from the text to support your ideas.

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