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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the party in Chapter 33?
(a) The Thorne estate.
(b) Mr. Slope's cousin's house.
(c) The Stanhope's house.
(d) The Bishop's house.

2. What does the Archdeacon give Eleanor as a present on her wedding day?
(a) A sapphire bracelet.
(b) A pony chair.
(c) A box of pearls.
(d) A cob.

3. What does the author compare the end of a novel to?
(a) The end of a poker game.
(b) The end of a children's party.
(c) The end of a long walk.
(d) The end of a train ride.

4. How does Mr. Arabin feel when he is asked to become Dean of Barchester Cathedral?
(a) He nearly cried.
(b) He was stunned silent.
(c) He did not want the position.
(d) He was not surprised.

5. Where does the Bishop visit with the Archbishop to discuss the deanery?
(a) Neverfield.
(b) The Thorne estate.
(c) Barchester.
(d) London.

6. After appointing a new warden, how do the Proudies act with each other?
(a) They refused to speak to each other.
(b) They argued for days.
(c) They got along well.
(d) They were shyly pleased.

7. Who does Dr. Gwynne support for wardenship of Hiram's Hospital?
(a) Himself.
(b) Dr. Harding.
(c) Mr. Slope.
(d) Mr. Quiverful.

8. Why doesn't Bertie propose to Eleanor?
(a) He doesn't want to stay in Barchester.
(b) He is too afraid to.
(c) He is afraid of Mr. Slope.
(d) He knows Mr. Arabin loves her more.

9. Who tells the Archdeacon about Eleanor's marriage plans?
(a) The signora.
(b) Eleanor.
(c) Dr. Harding.
(d) Mr. Arabin.

10. Why does Mr. Slope quickly return to town at the end of Chapter 40?
(a) He couldn't be near Eleanor.
(b) The Dean has died.
(c) He was feeling ignored at the party.
(d) He was tired.

11. How does the Bishop treat Mr. Slope at the Thorne's party?
(a) The Bishop is kind to Mr. Slope.
(b) The Bishop hits Mr. Slope.
(c) The Bishop mocks Mr. Slope.
(d) The Bishop slights Mr. Slope.

12. Who tells Mr. Slope that he did get the position of Dean?
(a) Mr. Arabin.
(b) The Bishop.
(c) Mrs. Proudie.
(d) Sir Nicholas.

13. How does Eleanor feel about the Stanhopes at the end of Chapter 42?
(a) She feels confused.
(b) She feels welcome.
(c) She feels used.
(d) She feels afraid.

14. Who does Eleanor see Mr. Arabin with after leaving the Thornes' party?
(a) The signora.
(b) A strange woman.
(c) Charlotte.
(d) Dr. Harding.

15. What reason is given to Mr. Slope for his firing?
(a) His lies to gain power.
(b) His relationship with the signora.
(c) His poor sermon.
(d) His harassment of Eleanor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes Eleanor a letter in Chapter 44?

2. In Chapter 33, who is Eleanor anxious to forgive?

3. What game does Mrs. Thorne want to play at the party?

4. Who is offered the position of Dean of Barchester Cathedral?

5. How many possible candidates for the deanery does the Prime Minister consider?

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