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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Eleanor run into after leaving the Thornes' party?
(a) Mr. Arabin.
(b) Mr. Slope.
(c) Charlotte.
(d) Bertie.

2. What does the Archdeacon give Eleanor as a present on her wedding day?
(a) A pony chair.
(b) A cob.
(c) A sapphire bracelet.
(d) A box of pearls.

3. Who does the Archbishop feel is capable of being Dean of Barchester Cathedral?
(a) Mr. Slope.
(b) Dr. Harding.
(c) Himself.
(d) Mr. Arabin.

4. How long does it take Mr. Arabin and Eleanor to announce their engagement?
(a) A few hours.
(b) A few months.
(c) A few days.
(d) A few weeks.

5. At the Thorne's party,who does Mrs. Proudie suggest has a chance to become the new Dean of Barchester Cathedral?
(a) Mr. Arabin.
(b) Mr. Slope.
(c) Countess de Courcy.
(d) Dr. Stanhope.

6. Who says they were "never so happy in their (lives)"?
(a) The Archdeacon.
(b) Mr. Slope.
(c) The Bishop.
(d) Dr. Harding.

7. How does Mr. Slope feel when he leaves the Stanhopes' in Chapter 46?
(a) Full of peace.
(b) Horrified and scared.
(c) Sad and embarrassed.
(d) Full of hatred.

8. Who supports Mr. Slope in his quest for the deanery?
(a) The Bishop.
(b) Mr. Stanhope.
(c) The Archdeacon.
(d) A newspaper editor.

9. What reason is given to Mr. Slope for his firing?
(a) His harassment of Eleanor.
(b) His lies to gain power.
(c) His relationship with the signora.
(d) His poor sermon.

10. Who does Mr. Arabin meet with in London to discuss his struggle with the Bishop?
(a) Mr. Stanhope.
(b) The Archbishop.
(c) Mr. Slope.
(d) Dr. Gwynne.

11. What surprises Mrs. Quiverful about the Archdeacon when they meet in Chapter 50?
(a) He doesn't know the news about Eleanor's engagement.
(b) He slaps her.
(c) He is kind to her.
(d) He speaks ill of the Bishop.

12. Why does Mrs. Proudie feel that Mr. Slope cannot be Dean of Barchester Cathedral?
(a) Because he does not have enough money.
(b) Because the Archdeacon is against him.
(c) Because his sermons are terrible.
(d) Because he does not have enough influence.

13. After talking with Mr. Arabin at the Thorne's party, how does the signora feel about Mr. Arabin?
(a) Passionate.
(b) Respectful.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Angered.

14. What new job does the Bishop take on?
(a) The position of Archbishop.
(b) Curate in a church.
(c) A post in the House of Lords.
(d) He retires.

15. Who writes Eleanor a letter in Chapter 44?
(a) Mr. Slope.
(b) Mr. Arabin.
(c) The signora.
(d) The Bishop.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Eleanor feel about her father's offer of the deanery?

2. Why is Mr. Arabin at the Stanhope house in Chapter 46?

3. Where is the party in Chapter 33?

4. Who fires Mr. Slope?

5. What game does Mrs. Thorne want to play at the party?

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