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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mr. Arabin meet at a party at the Stanhope's in Chapter 24?
(a) The Bishop.
(b) The Archdeacon.
(c) His cousin.
(d) The signora.

2. Who agrees with Mr. Slope's opinions of the warden position in Chapter 12?
(a) Mrs. Proudie.
(b) Dr. Harding.
(c) No one.
(d) Dr. Proudie.

3. Dr. Stanhope and his wife lead what type of lifestyle?
(a) One of activity and involvement.
(b) One of parties and wastefulness.
(c) One of hard work and dedication.
(d) One of luxury and idleness.

4. When does "Barchester Towers" begin?
(a) 1790's.
(b) 1780's.
(c) 1850's.
(d) 1840's.

5. What makes Mr. Slope's relationship with the signora complicated?
(a) She is married.
(b) She lives far away.
(c) She is ill.
(d) She is disinterested in him.

6. In Chapter 16, what causes a rift in Mr. Slope's relationship with Mrs. Proudie?
(a) The wardenship.
(b) Her money.
(c) Her friendship with Eleanor.
(d) The plans for the cathedral.

7. Who gets the job of preaching at St. Ewolds?
(a) The Archdeacon.
(b) Mr. Arabin.
(c) The Bishop.
(d) Mr. Slope.

8. Who does Mr. Slope visit to discuss the wardenship in Chapter 24?
(a) Mrs. Proudie.
(b) Mr. Quiverful.
(c) Dr. Harding.
(d) Dr. Gwynne.

9. In Chapter 4, how are Mr. Slope's religious beliefs described?
(a) New age.
(b) Strict.
(c) Conflicted.
(d) Open.

10. Who does the Archdeacon want as warden of Hiram's Hospital?
(a) Dr. Harding.
(b) Mr. Slope.
(c) Mrs. Proudie.
(d) Himself.

11. Why does Mr. Slope feel he will have power in Barchester?
(a) Because the Proudies will be in London.
(b) Because the Proudies will give it to him.
(c) Because he is more charismatic than the Proudies.
(d) Because the Proudies don't act on their power.

12. How does Eleanor feel when she finds out that Mr. Arabin thinks she will marry Mr. Slope?
(a) Excited.
(b) Hurt.
(c) Confused.
(d) Worried.

13. How are the Thornes involved in the current political situation of Chapter 22?
(a) They are very behind the times.
(b) They side with the Church of England.
(c) They side with Parliament.
(d) They are trying out Communism.

14. What is the Archdeacon's home known as?
(a) Haverfore.
(b) Plumesford.
(c) Plumstead.
(d) Barchester.

15. In Chapter 15, what does Charlotte try to convince Bertie to do?
(a) To move to Europe.
(b) To bribe Mrs. Proudie.
(c) To marry Eleanor.
(d) To get a steady job.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who becomes warden of Hiram's Hospital?

2. How does Mrs. Proudie respond to Mr. Slope's sermon?

3. What does the church leadership do after Mr. Slope's sermon?

4. How does the author describe the Thornes?

5. When it comes to the wardenship, who does the Bishop agree with at the end of Chapter 26?

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