Barchester Towers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In Chapter 1, what makes finding a new Bishop complicated?

Finding a new Bishop is complicated because the son of the current Bishop assumes he will be considered for the role, but when the government of England changes, so does the Prime Minister, who chooses Dr. Proudie instead.

2. In Chapter 2, what does the bill Parliament passes mean to Hiram's Hospital?

Parliament passed a bill that reestablished the position of warden at Hiram's Hospital. The warden's salary is half of what it used to be. The change of the plan at the hospital is to include men and women.

3. Explain the relationship of power between Dr. Proudie, Mrs. Proudie, and Mr. Slope as described in Chapter 3.

Dr. Proudie is Bishop, but his wife, Mrs. Proudie, controls everything he does. Mr. Slope influences Mrs. Proudie, as he is a preacher and leads the family in religious matters. Mrs. Proudie and Mr. Slope are excited about Dr. Proudie's new position as Bishop, as they see it as a way to extend their own power.

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