Barchester Towers Character Descriptions

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Archdeacon Grantly - This person was promised the position of Bishop, as his father was Bishop.

Dr. Proudie - This character wants to appear powerful, but is really ruled by his wife.

Mrs. Proudie - This character has strict religious views, but is also very social and concerned with appearing wealthy and important.

Mr. Slope - This character took advantage of a series of influential women to eventually become the domestic chaplain of the Bishop of Barchester.

Eleanor Bold - This character is a recent widow with an infant son.

Dr. Harding - This character lost the position of warden of Hiram's Hospital because of a media scandal.

Mr. Arabin - This character struggles with the church doctrine and has deep regrets about pursuing a scholarly life instead of having a family.

Signora Madeleine Neroni (Stanhope) - This character has an amputated leg.

Bertie Stanhope - This...

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