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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• The Bishop of Barchester is dying and a new Bishop must be appointed.

• The Bishop's son, the Archbishop, assumes he will be considered.

• The government of England changes and there is a new Prime Minster.

• The new Prime Minister appoints his own Bishop, Dr. Proudie.

• The new Parliament passes a bill that redefines Hiram's Hospital.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

• Dr. Proudie is associated with royal families and Parliament more than his church goers.

• The Proudies prefer London to Barchester.

• Mrs. Proudie has control over Dr. Proudie.

• Mr. Slope, a preacher, hopes to have power in Barchester as the Proudies will be away.

• Mr. Slope appeals to women and runs a strict church.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

• The Proudies meet with Dr. Harding, Mr. Slope, and the Archdeacon.

• Religious debates ensue.

• The Archdeacon and Dr. Harding disapprove of the Proudies.

• The Archdeacon thinks that the church of Barchester is too laid...

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