Objects & Places from Banner in the Sky

James Ramsey Ullman
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The Citadel - This is an "unclimbable" mountain that has a reputation for killing anyone that dares to lay foot upon it.

Kurtal - This city is a popular destination of tourists for climbing, also the main setting of the story.

Broli - A rival tourist city, and also the home of Emil Saxo.

The Wunderhorn - This is the first peak that Rudi is allowed to climb with his uncle.

The Felsberg - A tourist practice mountain used by guides for their employers.

Auslander - This is the native Swiss word for "tourist".

Serac - This is a dangerous tower of ice that forms at the tops of glaciers.

Gruss Gott - This is a Swiss term that means "God's greetings".

Chimney - This is a "V" shaped cleft in a cliff face in mountaineering slang.

Col - This is the term for a saddle like...

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