Bad Feminist Fun Activities

Roxane Gay
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Write a Poem

Write a poem about one of the issues or events from “Bad Feminist.”


Make a list of 8-10 songs you would use in a soundtrack for a move of “Bad Feminist.” Explain what scene you would chose each song for and why.

Book Review

Write a one-page book review (criticism) of the essay collection "Bad Feminist."

Roxanne's Journal

Write 5 journal entries from a journal that Roxanne Gay (the author) kept through the course of her life and more specifically, writing this book. Be honest, creative, and insightful in each entry.

Create a Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for the movie "Bad Feminist.” Include a tagline that will make people want to see the movie.

Roxanne's Memory Box

Gather 5-10 items/pictures/artifacts that represent Roxanne Gay and her life experiences. Collect them in a memory box and decorate it appropriately.

Brown Bag


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