Bad Feminist Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Roxane Gay
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"Feel Me. See Me. Hear Me. Reach Me." and "Peculiar Benefits"

• Roxanne Gay is the narrator of "Feel Me. See Me. Hear Me." and begins by explaining how she (and every other person) longs for connection.

• Gay references specific television networks and shows, like BET and "Girlfriends" to support her argument that it is difficult to find accurate portrayals of certain cultures in the media.

• Next, Gay explains that she is a perfectionist with a strong work ethic, traits she likely got from her father.

• While in graduate school, Gay worked as an advisor and demanded excellence from the students.

• In reflecting on this experience, she sees that her interactions with the students reiterated her sense of privilege and highlighted her ignorance.

• As a college instructor, she holds high standards for all her students -- black and white alike.

• Toward the end of the essay, Gay reveals her...

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