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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Will not want to go to the naval academy?

2. What does Jennifer say about Marco?

3. What does Ellie suddenly understand about Jennifer's feelings towards Will and Lance?

4. What happens when Lance tries to engage Marco in a fight?

5. Why does Mr. Morton say he was teaching at the school?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mrs. Wagner say when she calls Ellie that gets Ellie worried?

2. What does Ellie face when she arrives at Mr. Morton's apartment? What does she do

3. What does Mr. Morton think is going to happen since Will now knows about Jennifer and Lance? Whom does Mr. Morton blame?

4. Why is Mr. Morton annoyed with Lance on Monday morning? How does Jennifer defend Lance to Mr. Morton?

5. What happens when Marco arrives at the conference room?

6. What does Ellie say about Mr. Morton's abandoning his job and about the order?

7. What does Ellie realize about the story about Arthur's birth and the gossip about Will's family?

8. How does Ellie feel about what Mr. Morton is doing and what he told her?

9. Why does Mr. Morton say Ellie cannot help the situation?

10. What do Will and Ellie do after their talk about Jennifer and Lance?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following:

1. What is a plot? What are the most important elements of a plot and their definition? Do all novels have a plot? Why or why not?

2. Write a brief synopsis of the plot of Avalon High, identifying where the various elements of the plot occur (Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution or denouement). Do you find it difficult to identify the plot? Why or why not? What about the various elements of the plot?

3. Identify the major sub-plots and their elements in Avalon High. (The subplots may not contain every element of a major plot). Do the sub-plots add to the main plot? Why or why not. Are the sub-plots interesting in and of themselves? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Ellie is relieved that no one bothers her with orientation on her first day and is happy that some "geeky girls" allow her to sit with them at lunch. She doesn't want to stand out, but she also doesn't want to be labeled as a loner or a nerd. Ellie is having her own issues; mainly she is insecure about everything. She feels she is too tall, not the kind of girl boys like, she is boring, etc.

1. Discuss Ellie's personality based on the first sentence above. Use examples from Avalon High and your own life to support your answer.

2. Pretend Ellie is your best friend and talk to her about her insecurities. Use examples from Avalon High and your own life to support your answer.

3. Discuss what might be the correlation between Ellie having two parents who are college professors and how she feels about herself. Use examples from Avalon High and your own life to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Many novels, and perhaps a majority, of novels ends on a happy note. Discuss the following:

1. Why do you think many (most?) people want what they perceive as a happy or good ending to a novel? Explain your opinion. Do you? Why or why not?

2. What are three reasons to read fiction? Discuss each one in light of Avalon High and whether or not it fulfills all three, two or one of the reasons you mention. Give examples as to why Avalon High is or is not successful in fulfilling the reasons you discuss.

3. Do you think reading solely for entertainment is as good a reason to read as any other? Why or why not? Can any work of fiction or non-fiction, no matter how poorly written, enlighten, teach, stimulate thought? Why or why not?

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