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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ellie think about when she goes to the girl's bathroom at school?
(a) What her role might be in this madness.
(b) Why there is a need for King Arthur in this age.
(c) If she is losing her sanity.
(d) If Will could really be a reincarnation of King Arthur.

2. What does Ellie tell Mr. Morton she is unwilling to do?
(a) Give up on Will.
(b) Let some obscure legend contol her fate.
(c) Believe the worse of Lance and Jennifer.
(d) Believe Marco cannot change.

3. What does Marco call Lance?
(a) A traitor.
(b) Will's lapdog.
(c) A back stabber.
(d) A jerk.

4. How does Mr. Morton characterize Marco?
(a) As the fulcrum.
(b) As a victim of fate.
(c) As misguided.
(d) As eternally evil.

5. Why does Ellie want to have a private conversation with Lance?
(a) To tell him about Marco.
(b) To ask him about Will's family history.
(c) To talk to him about Mr. Morton and Jennifer.
(d) To ask him for his help with her new lit assignment.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Prydwyn?

2. Why does Ellie spend the rest of first period in the bathroom?

3. What does Ellie intuitively know about Mr. Morton?

4. What does Will do after Marco is out of the conference room?

5. What does Marco do when they spot some poor kids in a battered boat?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ellie face when she arrives at Mr. Morton's apartment? What does she do

2. What happens when Marco arrives at the conference room?

3. What does Mr. Morton think is going to happen since Will now knows about Jennifer and Lance? Whom does Mr. Morton blame?

4. How does Mr. Morton respond to what Ellie tells him about Will, Jennifer and Lance?

5. Why is Mr. Morton annoyed with Lance on Monday morning? How does Jennifer defend Lance to Mr. Morton?

6. What does Ellie decide to take with her to the ravine? How does the Darkness seem to react to her doing so?

7. What does Marco tell Ellie about his past and what is her impression of his relationship with Will?

8. What does Mr. Morton say he is doing? What does he advise Ellie to do?

9. What does Ellie suggest Will do concerning his father pressuring him about the naval academy?

10. What does Jennifer do when she gets home from sailing? How do her parents act?

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