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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Will's father rumored to have done?
(a) Killed his first wife.
(b) Worked as a Soviet spy.
(c) Killed his best friend.
(d) Escaped from a prison camp in Vietnam.

2. What does Ellie think of the majority of the kids at school?
(a) They are snobs.
(b) They are nice.
(c) They are boring.
(d) They are weird.

3. Where is Geoff when the story opens?
(a) In the hospital.
(b) In the Army.
(c) At a swim meet.
(d) Away at college.

4. Why is Will hurt on the field?
(a) One of the linemen slips and lets a tackle by.
(b) Lance does not guard him well.
(c) He is hit when jumping for a pass.
(d) He is hit when jumping into the end zone.

5. What does Will confide to Ellie?
(a) Jennifer broke up with him a few months ago.
(b) His family is moving at the end of the school year.
(c) Things have been strange for him lately.
(d) His father is missing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of songs has Will been listening to in the ravine?

2. What does Ellie feel as she is running?

3. Liz and Stacy think Ellie should try to date ____________.

4. Where does the group go sailing the next day?

5. Will pulls Ellie to the __________to talk to her.

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens as the teens prepare to go sailing?

2. What does Ellie notice when she runs by a ravine? Why does she think it odd?

3. How does Will interact with Ellie's parents?

4. What poem is initially assigned to Ellie in class? How does she get a different one?

5. Summarize what Ellie says about the Arthurian legend.

6. What do Ellie and Will talk about as they are floating in the pool?

7. What do Ellie and Will write to each other in emails when Ellie gets home from track tryouts?

8. Why is Will being pressured by his father?

9. What does Jennifer want when Ellie talks to her at Ellie's locker?

10. Why are Ellie and her parents in Annapolis for a year?

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