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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the Beltway closed?
(a) A bad accident.
(b) Fallen electrical wires.
(c) A tornado tore up part of it.
(d) Road re-surfacing.

2. What does Mrs. Wagner say about Will?
(a) She is his mother.
(b) She only met Will when he was a young toddler.
(c) She could be his mother.
(d) She loves him like she loves her own son.

3. Why does Will not want to go to the naval academy?
(a) He wants to go into the Coast Guard.
(b) He believes in peace and negotiation.
(c) He wants to be a photographer.
(d) He wants to be an archeologist.

4. What happens when Lance tries to engage Marco in a fight?
(a) Lance pushes Marco over the side.
(b) Will holds Lance back.
(c) Marco punches Lance and throws him over the side.
(d) Jennifer holds Lance back.

5. What does Ellie suggest Will do to communicate his desires to his father?
(a) Ask his stepmom for support and to talk with his father.
(b) Show his father why Will is interested in past civilizations.
(c) Write a letter to his father.
(d) Show his father some of his photographs.

6. Who is Prydwyn?
(a) King Arthur's adviser.
(b) King Arthur's sister.
(c) King Arthur's favorite hound.
(d) King Arthur's ship.

7. What does Marco finally say clearly out loud?
(a) Will's father killed Marco's father.
(b) Jennifer and Lance have been in love for months.
(c) Will's father took Will's affection away from Will.
(d) Will beat him out of his inheritance.

8. What does Mr. Morton suggest Ellie may want to do?
(a) Stay away from Will and Marco.
(b) Call her parents immediately.
(c) Get out of town for awhile.
(d) Go to Nebraska early.

9. Who is accompanying Mr. Morton when he comes into the school?
(a) Two Order of the Bear members.
(b) Mrs. Wagner.
(c) No one.
(d) Will's father.

10. What does Ellie ask Mr. Morton?
(a) If Marco was Mordred in another life.
(b) If his response has anything to do with the Lily Maid of Astolot.
(c) If Will was Arthur in another life.
(d) If Mr. Morton belongs to the Order of the Bear.

11. What does Marco do when they spot some poor kids in a battered boat?
(a) Ignores them.
(b) Yells at them to get their junk off the water.
(c) Waves at them and jokes about racing.
(d) Turns the sailboat towards their boat.

12. Where are Ellie's parents?
(a) They are at home working.
(b) They have gone to Washington, D. C.
(c) They are at Ellie's aunt's house.
(d) The are both at the library.

13. What does Will do after Marco is out of the conference room?
(a) Curses his step mother.
(b) Jumps out the window after Marco.
(c) Curses Mr. Morton.
(d) Shoves his way out the door.

14. Of what is Will ignorant that everyone else knows?
(a) What Marco is going to say next.
(b) Lance has told Jennifer they cannot be together.
(c) Marco truly hates Will.
(d) Will is the bunt of a joke going around the school.

15. How does Jennifer think her social life would be easier?
(a) If Will would sit with her and Lance at lunch.
(b) If Will did move to Vermont.
(c) If Ellie and Will started dating.
(d) If Will would stay on the football team.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom was the Lady of Shalott in love?

2. What does Ellie discover when she starts to get out of the pool later that afternoon?

3. Where does Mr. Morton intend to go?

4. Why does Ellie want to have a private conversation with Lance?

5. What does Lance ask Ellie to do that evening?

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