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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are Ellie's parents?
(a) The are both at the library.
(b) They have gone to Washington, D. C.
(c) They are at home working.
(d) They are at Ellie's aunt's house.

2. What does Marco ask Ellie?
(a) Why Ellie is even there.
(b) Who Ellie is protecting.
(c) Who Ellie thinks is the poor friend.
(d) Who Ellie likes.

3. What does Ellie think about when she goes to the girl's bathroom at school?
(a) If she is losing her sanity.
(b) Why there is a need for King Arthur in this age.
(c) What her role might be in this madness.
(d) If Will could really be a reincarnation of King Arthur.

4. What does Ellie suddenly understand about Jennifer's feelings towards Will and Lance?
(a) Jennifer is just superficially infatuated with Lance.
(b) Jennifer is in love with Lance but will always love Will.
(c) Jennifer is in love with both guys.
(d) Jennifer does not really know how she feels.

5. What does Ellie intuitively know about Mr. Morton?
(a) He may have been Marco's father in another life.
(b) He may have been Arthur's father in another life.
(c) He has a role in the entire drama also.
(d) He is connected to the Order of the Bear.

6. How does Jennifer think her social life would be easier?
(a) If Ellie and Will started dating.
(b) If Will did move to Vermont.
(c) If Will would stay on the football team.
(d) If Will would sit with her and Lance at lunch.

7. Why is the Beltway closed?
(a) A tornado tore up part of it.
(b) A bad accident.
(c) Fallen electrical wires.
(d) Road re-surfacing.

8. What does Mrs. Wagner say is missing from their home?
(a) Will's laptop and some of his clothes.
(b) A money cache.
(c) Marco's laptop and some of his clothes.
(d) A pistol.

9. What does Lance say when he looks Will in the eye?
(a) Lance does not love Jennifer except as a sister.
(b) What Marco said is true.
(c) Lance will always have Will's back.
(d) Lance loves Will like a brother.

10. What does Marco say about his life before his mother married Will's father?
(a) They were wealthy.
(b) They rarely talked.
(c) They were very poor.
(d) They were closer.

11. Why is Ellie furious with Mr. Morton?
(a) For thinking only of himself.
(b) For leaving Will defenseless.
(c) For believing such nonsense.
(d) For spreading rumors.

12. What does Ellie not believe of what Mr. Morton tells her?
(a) Arthur must fulfill his destiny, or he will become evil.
(b) Forces of darkness are stronger than those of light.
(c) Arthur's only purpose is to kill Mordred once and for all.
(d) Darkness has killed Arthur's every incarnation.

13. Who is Prydwyn?
(a) King Arthur's sister.
(b) King Arthur's ship.
(c) King Arthur's adviser.
(d) King Arthur's favorite hound.

14. What does Jennifer say about Marco?
(a) He is a coward.
(b) He is nothing.
(c) He is a liar.
(d) He is intent on hurting everyone around him.

15. What does Mrs. Wagner say about Will?
(a) She is his mother.
(b) She could be his mother.
(c) She only met Will when he was a young toddler.
(d) She loves him like she loves her own son.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. Morton characterize Marco?

2. How does Marco seem to feel about Will?

3. Why does Jennifer like being with Lance?

4. Why does Ellie spend the rest of first period in the bathroom?

5. What is happening when Ellie goes inside her house?

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