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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ellie want to have a private conversation with Lance?
(a) To tell him about Marco.
(b) To ask him for his help with her new lit assignment.
(c) To ask him about Will's family history.
(d) To talk to him about Mr. Morton and Jennifer.

2. What does Ellie not believe of what Mr. Morton tells her?
(a) Arthur must fulfill his destiny, or he will become evil.
(b) Forces of darkness are stronger than those of light.
(c) Arthur's only purpose is to kill Mordred once and for all.
(d) Darkness has killed Arthur's every incarnation.

3. What does Marco do when the police arrive?
(a) Slaps his mother.
(b) Tries to take Mr. Morton hostage.
(c) Jumps out the school window.
(d) Lies on the floor crying.

4. What does Marco ask Ellie?
(a) Who Ellie likes.
(b) Who Ellie is protecting.
(c) Why Ellie is even there.
(d) Who Ellie thinks is the poor friend.

5. What does Ellie say when Will asks her about her knowledge of Jennifer and Lance?
(a) She felt it wasn't her business.
(b) She suspected but did not have any proof.
(c) She did not know anything.
(d) She knew about them.

6. What does Mrs. Wagner say about Will?
(a) She loves him like she loves her own son.
(b) She only met Will when he was a young toddler.
(c) She is his mother.
(d) She could be his mother.

7. Why does Mr. Morton say he was teaching at the school?
(a) He was assigned to watch Lance.
(b) He was assigned to protect Jennifer.
(c) He was assigned to watch Will.
(d) He was assigned to protect Ellie.

8. What does Ellie encounter when she arrives at Mr. Morton's apartment?
(a) Several police cars.
(b) A teacher holding a frying pan.
(c) The place is empty.
(d) An ambulance.

9. Of what is Will ignorant that everyone else knows?
(a) Will is the bunt of a joke going around the school.
(b) What Marco is going to say next.
(c) Lance has told Jennifer they cannot be together.
(d) Marco truly hates Will.

10. Where are Ellie's parents?
(a) They have gone to Washington, D. C.
(b) They are at home working.
(c) They are at Ellie's aunt's house.
(d) The are both at the library.

11. Why did Marco once attack Mr. Morton?
(a) Mr. Morton insults Marco's mother.
(b) Mr. Morton tried to get Marco to see the light.
(c) Mr. Morton said something bad about Will.
(d) Mr. Morton insults Marco's father.

12. What does Mr. Morton say about Ellie's role in all this?
(a) She has no role in it.
(b) She may yet have a role, but it's unlikely.
(c) Her role is yet to be determined.
(d) It was over before she had a chance to make a difference.

13. What does Will do after Marco is out of the conference room?
(a) Shoves his way out the door.
(b) Curses his step mother.
(c) Jumps out the window after Marco.
(d) Curses Mr. Morton.

14. What is Jennifer's reaction to Will going in the water?
(a) She is angry at his showing off.
(b) She is worried for him.
(c) She thinks he is nuts.
(d) She thinks he is heroic.

15. What does Ellie ask Mr. Morton?
(a) If his response has anything to do with the Lily Maid of Astolot.
(b) If Marco was Mordred in another life.
(c) If Will was Arthur in another life.
(d) If Mr. Morton belongs to the Order of the Bear.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Lady of Shalott do when the man she loves rejects her?

2. What does Ellie tell Mr. Morton she thinks he is?

3. Why does Mr. Morton say Ellie cannot help Will?

4. What does Mr. Morton think is going to happen to Will?

5. How does Mr. Morton respond to what Ellie tells him?

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