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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Will moved a lot in his childhood?
(a) His father is a travel guide writer.
(b) His father is in the military.
(c) His mother is in the military.
(d) His mother loves to go to new places.

2. Will suggests that Ellie should ______________.
(a) Talk with him in a back room.
(b) Change into a swimsuit.
(c) Be his billiards partner.
(d) Try a wine cooler he makes.

3. What does Marco invite Ellie to do the next day?
(a) Go sailing with them.
(b) Go to a polo game.
(c) Go swimming.
(d) Go to a horse show.

4. What does Ellie observe about Marco?
(a) He seems surly.
(b) He seems shy.
(c) He seems like he is on drugs.
(d) He seems well liked.

5. What does Ellie leave the bleachers to do?
(a) To buy hot dogs.
(b) To find the restroom.
(c) To look for Liz.
(d) To find a quiet place to call her mother.

6. What makes Ellie happy when she observes Jennifer and Will?
(a) Jennifer and Will seem to just be friends.
(b) Jennifer and Will do not speak to each other.
(c) Jennifer and Will seem happy with each other.
(d) Jennifer is not at the party.

7. What does Ellie remember as she is about to leave Will's party?
(a) She forgot her purse.
(b) She needs to tell Lance about Mr. Morton.
(c) She needs to thank Will's father and step mother.
(d) She left her sneakers by the pool.

8. What does Liz say makes Ellie part of the in crowd?
(a) Being paired with Lance in lit class.
(b) Living where she lives.
(c) Being invited to Will's pool party.
(d) Making the track team.

9. What does Ellie's mother invite Will to do?
(a) Talk to Ellie's father about the upcoming football game.
(b) Stay for a swim and dinner.
(c) Stay for a swim before he and Ellie go out to eat.
(d) Go with them to deliver some food.

10. What does Ellie think of the majority of the kids at school?
(a) They are nice.
(b) They are boring.
(c) They are snobs.
(d) They are weird.

11. What is one thing Ellie enjoys doing?
(a) Creating cryptograms.
(b) Talking on the phone.
(c) Researching antiques for her father.
(d) Drifting in the pool.

12. What is Will's father rumored to have done?
(a) Escaped from a prison camp in Vietnam.
(b) Worked as a Soviet spy.
(c) Killed his first wife.
(d) Killed his best friend.

13. To whom is Lance talking on the sidelines?
(a) A recruiter.
(b) Jennifer.
(c) Stacy.
(d) Ellie.

14. Why does Mr. Morton yell at Ellie?
(a) She traded off the Beowulf poem.
(b) She accidentally bumps into him.
(c) She refuses to give the poetry report.
(d) She squirts ketchup on him.

15. How does Will answer Ellie's question?
(a) He does not want to talk about Jennifer.
(b) He lives in the country about five miles out of town.
(c) He is home schooled.
(d) He came over because Ellie intrigues him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ellie chatting with Liz after school?

2. What does Ellie see as she opens her eyes while floating in the pool?

3. Why is Will hurt on the field?

4. Where does Will say he just ends up sometimes?

5. How does Ellie interpret all of Will's friendly gestures?

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