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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7 - 13..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lance doing when Ellie finds him?
(a) Arm wrestling with Will.
(b) Arguing with Marco.
(c) Making out with Jennifer.
(d) Talking to Will's father about the game.

2. What does Ellie see as she opens her eyes while floating in the pool?
(a) A hawk is about to grab a squirrel in the oak tree.
(b) Jennifer is on the edge of the pool.
(c) Will is standing over her.
(d) Her mother is frowning at her.

3. About what does Ellie ask Will while they are chatting?
(a) About Jennifer.
(b) Where he lives.
(c) Where he goes to school.
(d) Why he came over to her house.

4. Who is Cavalier?
(a) Lance's nickname.
(b) Marco's screen name.
(c) Will's screen name.
(d) Ellie's best friend's dog.

5. What does Ellie's mother quote at dinner?
(a) "Daffodils."
(b) "The Charge of the Light Brigade."
(c) "The Raven."
(d) "The Lady of Shalott."

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Will look Ellie up in the school directory?

2. Why is Will hurt on the field?

3. Liz and Stacy think Ellie should try to date ____________.

4. What poem is Ellie assigned to write a report on for class?

5. What is Ellie's parents' work status?

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