Avalon High Character Descriptions

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Elaine - This character is a sixteen-year-old junior who has moved to Annapolis, Maryland, for a year while her professor parents are on sabbatical.

A. William - This character is the star of the high school football team and an all around great guy.

Lance Reynolds. - This character is a handsome senior who is also a popular member of the football team.

Jennifer Gold. - This character is a beautiful, popular - if not shallow - senior at Avalon High.

Marco Campbell. - This character is Will's step-brother and the reincarnation of Mordred.

Mr. Morton. - This character is a World Literature teacher at Avalon High.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison. - These characters are easy going, loving parents who tend to become caught up in their work.

Admiral and Mrs. Wagner. - These characters are Will's father and stepmother.

Stacy and Cathy. - These characters are...

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