Avalon High Character Descriptions

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This character is a sixteen-year-old junior who has moved to Annapolis, Maryland, for a year while her professor parents are on sabbatical.

A. William

This character is the star of the high school football team and an all around great guy.

Lance Reynolds.

This character is a handsome senior who is also a popular member of the football team.

Jennifer Gold.

This character is a beautiful, popular - if not shallow - senior at Avalon High.

Marco Campbell.

This character is Will's step-brother and the reincarnation of Mordred.

Mr. Morton.

This character is a World Literature teacher at Avalon High.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison.

These characters are easy going, loving parents who tend to become caught up in their work.

Admiral and Mrs. Wagner.

These characters are Will's father and stepmother.

Stacy and Cathy.

These characters are the two friends Ellie has made since starting school.

The Order of the Bear.

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