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Short Answer Questions

1. What novel does Forster refer to as his eternal summer?

2. What is the name of the book written by critic Percy Lubbock?

3. The story appeals to what is ___________ in people.

4. Who is the Antiquary in Scott's novel?

5. The test of a round character is whether it is capable of _________ the reader.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Forster consider to be the strangest of the five basic elements of life?

2. What does Forster mean by a "sense of space" in War and Peace?

3. What is Forster's definition of a pseudo-scholar?

4. What is striking about the funerals described in the excerpts by H.G. Wells and Charles Dickens?

5. What does Forster look at in terms of characters in the second section on People?

6. What does Forster believe is part of the genius of Dickens' characters?

7. Why are flat characters sometimes referred to as humorous characters?

8. What commonality does Forster see between the writings of Henry James and Samuel Richardson?

9. What image does Forster ask his audience to think of so as not to consider literature in the "stream of time"?

10. Why, in Forster's opinion, is Sir Walter Scott a popular novelist?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the six authors Forster quotes to illustrate the futility of studying works of literature in terms of chronology.

Essay Topic 2

Forster concludes his lecture series by tentatively speculating on the future of the novel. How has the novel changed since 1927? How are Forster's seven aspects still relevant to modern literature?

Essay Topic 3

Perhaps the most elusive of Forster's aspects is rhythm. How does Forster define this aspect? Is there a better way to explain it? If it is so hard to attain, why does Forster include it as one of the seven aspects? Does a good novel need to uphold all seven aspects?

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