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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which characters in The Antiquary does Forster say Scott introduced artlessly?
(a) The Gallentry.
(b) The Gallenhalls.
(c) The Glenwoods.
(d) The Glenallans.

2. Forster believes the truest way to look at a novel is by examining the author's what?
(a) Notes.
(b) Past.
(c) Meaning.
(d) Structure.

3. Whose characters does Forster describe as being as "flat as a photograph"?
(a) Jane Austen.
(b) Leo Tolstoy.
(c) H.G. Wells.
(d) Charles Dickens.

4. What is the name of the Jane Austen character that Forster uses to illustrate "life like" aspects of characters?
(a) Elizabeth Bennet.
(b) Mr. Baker.
(c) Mrs. Bennet.
(d) Miss Bates.

5. Forster says that history is dominated by a sense of what?
(a) Fatality.
(b) Fury.
(c) Frustration.
(d) Futility.

6. What subject do the excerpts of H.G. Wells and Charles Dickens that Forster compares in the Introduction both describe?
(a) Weddings.
(b) Christmas.
(c) Love.
(d) Funerals.

7. Characters _______ daily life, not coincide with it.
(a) Parallel.
(b) Paint.
(c) Process.
(d) Propel.

8. Whose method with character does Forster believe has been misunderstood?
(a) Melville.
(b) Austen.
(c) Dickens.
(d) Lawrence.

9. Where is Moll sent after she is caught stealing?
(a) Cuba.
(b) Virginia.
(c) Florida.
(d) Australia.

10. Works that deal with real people are called what?
(a) Mysteries.
(b) Mosaics.
(c) Memories.
(d) Memoirs.

11. Novelists unintentionally make their characters overly sensitive to what?
(a) Food.
(b) Death.
(c) Birth.
(d) Love.

12. The test of a round character is whether it is capable of _________ the reader.
(a) Comforting.
(b) Fooling.
(c) Engaging.
(d) Surprising.

13. A novel that does not include an aspect of time is _____________.
(a) Pointless.
(b) Poignant.
(c) Valueless.
(d) Valuable.

14. How many years separate the writing of Henry James and Samuel Richardson?
(a) 160.
(b) 150.
(c) 75.
(d) 200.

15. Storytelling is the ____________ aspect of the novel.
(a) Extraneous.
(b) Fundamental.
(c) Ridiculous.
(d) Controversial.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year does Charles Dickens publish Great Expectations?

2. How does Forster say he would answer the question, "What does a novel do?"

3. In a work in which the author classifies novels by weather, how many different headings are there?

4. Who is the author of The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders?

5. Forster's third set of excerpts in the Introduction are from Virgina Woolf and _______________.

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